Season It Already!


When Rob and I started dating, we went out to eat – a lot.

I learned that he was a beer guy. I was a wine girl. In fact, after just a few months of dating, I was presented with the opportunity to learn more about wine. I became a Wine Consultant. You can learn more about that HERE.

He taught me about beer – good beer. Gone were my college days of Miller Lite and Leinie’s Honey Weiss. I was opened up to a world of nut browns, porters, stouts, and bitter IPAs. One of our dates was even dubbed “Ale Fest”. I’m kind of a beer snob now… (Thanks a lot, Rob.)

I taught him about wine, moving him all the way from syrupy-sweet Muscat Canelli to big, bold, deep reds. In fact, it’s hard to get him to drink a white wine anymore!

Palate Evolution

During our courtship, we dined out so often that I found myself asking him, “Did I like the Tuna Melt here?” more and more often. It’s not that I particularly love tuna melts. It’s just that we seemed to be frequenting the same restaurants and I was getting bored of some of the other options. It became a joke between us. Why couldn’t I remember? Were they just not memorable?

Having both been transplants to the Twin Cities, we quickly learned the plethora of restaurant options that awaited us.

In less than a year, I gained about 40 pounds. That was about how much I needed to lose at the time, not gain! Over time, I’ve struggled with cooking at home versus my man’s grand desire to dine out as often as we do. I fought it. I cooked. But he fought back. So you know what? I decided to embrace it. No, not the weight… the dining out. It’s no secret that right now that I’m in the process of losing weight. However, I’m discovering healthy ways to eat out without deprivation.

At some point, Rob went on a mission to find the best burgers and fries in the Twin Cities, too. Top 10 lists led us to some great finds, but also some less than desirable surprises. “Why don’t they season their meat?” was Rob’s #1 question. What followed was how people could rate something without flavor so highly.

If you want good food that keeps people coming back


There are so many options!

Join me as I discover how to incorporate flavorful food and beverages into my life while still learning how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Seriously, if you have to eat a healthy diet, don’t you want it to taste good? Taste matters.

I don’t claim to be an expert on anything other than my own opinion. Life’s an adventure… Let’s taste it.



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  1. I have a long ways to go – I’m still a Honey Weiss girl cause I don’t know what else I like! Love your last line though – Life IS an adventure, and we DO need to make a point to taste it!

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