Restaurant Week


Does your city have a Restaurant Week?

I love Restaurant Week in Minneapolis/St. Paul! It comes around two to three times per year and is advertised in Mpls St. Paul Magazine. Restaurants all over the Twin Cities participate by offering $15-$30 three-course lunches and dinners. Diners can choose from a small selection of (hopefully) some of the best food the restaurant has to offer.

This season’s restaurant week in the Twin Cities is Sunday, February 26th through Friday, March 2nd.

Reservations are Highly Recommended

One year, Rob and I spent nearly every day of Restaurant Week trying out several of the restaurants! While our expenditures definitely added up in the end, we did enjoy a few dinners that would have cost the same for the entree alone. We also found a few exceptional places that we’ve returned to again and again.

Our favorite way to enjoy restaurant week is to browse the list of restaurants online. All of the restaurant week menus are listed there! Since there are so many restaurants participating, we can choose one that has a menu with the most interesting or healthiest options. We like to try restaurants that we haven’t before. However, if any of our favorites are participating during restaurant week, we are sure to take advantage of the special pricing!

Do you have a restaurant week where you live? If so, do you take advantage of it? What Twin Cities restaurants are you planning to or would you attend during this Restaurant Week?

We will be sure to update you on our choice this week!


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  1. Can’t wait to read about some of the places you try out – always sounds like such a fun experience. You and Rob are so amazing with getting out to all the fun places. You know me, I don’t do a particularly great job unless YOU are the event organizer! What a great way to try out new spots!

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