The Difference Between a Good Wine and a Great Wine – Part 5


Wine Wednesday: The Difference Between a Good Wine & a Great Wine…

In the past few weeks, we’ve been examining five reasons that differentiate a good wine from a great wine:

1) Terroir

2) Age of the Vines

3) Yield of the Vine

4) Vintage

Today, we will wrap up that topic with:

5) The Technique

Some winemakers put more time, effort and money into producing a wine than others do. Because of this, the wine that sees more attention is often better in quality. Here are some factors that will affect the outcome of a wine:

  • How the wine is destemmed and crushed
    • Is it done properly?
    • Is it done mechanically or by hand?
  • Fermentation
    • Is the temperature controlled?
    • Does the winemaker ferment slowly for best results?
  • Storage
    • Are the wines stored properly until release?
    • Are they released at the right time?
    • Does the winemaker rack the wine to eliminate undesirable solids?
  • Oak
    • Is the wine fermented or aged in oak?
    • If so, for how long?
    • If so what kind? {Different barrels give different flavors to the wine.}
    • Is the oak new or old?
  • Clarification
    • Is this done through fining? {This is a painstaking process that is careful, but time-consuming.}
    • Is it done with screen filtration? {This can strip the wine of flavor.}
  • Release
    • Is the wine rushed to the shelves?
    • Is the wine aged in the bottle prior to release?
    • Is it released at the right time?

When a winemaker invests more time, energy and resources in the making of the wine, the quality will undoubtedly be better. In my opinion, winemakers can be considered artists. Depending on what they do at each step in the wine-making process and what care they put into it, they can create a quality wine that has its own unique character every time.


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