I’m Not on a Diet


I’ve had a lot of people asking lately what I’m doing to lose weight.

Here’s the thing: I’m not really on a diet.

I despise that word – DIET. We all know what diet is really supposed to mean; but somehow along the way it became an ugly word. It became a word that we associate with deprivation. If I knew how, I would do everything I could to erase this stigma!

And while some people are wondering what I’m doing out of curiosity, I know that others are merely looking for THE ANSWER. Well, I’m going to give it to you. I’m going to let you in on something I’ve picked up reading in the blogosphere. So here it is:

You need to find what’s right for you.

Not what you wanted to hear, is it?

That being said, I’ve found that what’s right for me is to take little tidbits that I’ve learned along the way and put them together. This go ’round has been complete trial and error for me. As of yesterday, I’m officially down 30 pounds. But that is since June 15th, 2011. That doesn’t sound entirely impressive, does it? That’s just a little over 1/2 of a pound per week {or .63 pounds per week, to be exact} over 47 weeks. Most people want to see results MUCH more quickly than that.

However, my intention now is to change my habits. In the last few years, I’ve read and heard a lot of people in the weight loss world talking about needing to “make a lifestyle change”; but to me, this sounds cliché. While making a lifestyle change is really important to do, I feel the phrase has been overused to the extent that it has lost it’s meaning. Obviously, to make a lifestyle change, you need to change your life.

But you can’t make drastic changes and expect them to stick.

So I decided that to make a lifestyle change, I wasn’t going to be strict. Nothing would be off-limits and I was going to use everything I learned in past experiences to evolve on my own healthiness journey. {Sidebar: Journey – another word I’ve seen repeatedly lately. I’d like to reinvent that one, too. But I’ll save that for another post.}

Lately, I’ve been reading over and over again that losing is easier than maintaining. This can be scary and intimidating to those who are just starting to lose weight! However, I’m very grateful to have gained this insight from those who are in the maintenance phase.

So I’ve been giving it some thought. Perhaps one reason why people find maintaining after they’ve met their weight loss goal more difficult could have something to do with this: Many people think of dieting as a stretch of time you “endure” until you get to your destination. {At least this was me!} Everything will be better at the finish line. We will be the size we want to be and feel healthy. We feel like we should be done. Sometimes, we think that when we are done,we can go back to being who we were. When we are done, we can “relax”.

But this isn’t the case. It is called maintenance for a reason. If we are making a lifestyle change, it cannot be for a short period of time. We have to maintain it for life. So, I ask you: Are those “diets” that make drastic changes out there ones that you can maintain for life? In fact, this is all connected. Think about it. We need to incorporate the right foods into our diet {correct definition} to maintain life.

Did I lose you yet?

We’ve all heard that “It’s the Journey, not the Destination, that matters.” Think about that one a little bit. Life is a journey. If we were all more focused on the destination, what would that be? Death? Are we focused or racing toward that? Most certainly not! We want to fill our time with things we love to do and accomplish things that are important to us while we are here on this earth.

So I put this philosophy toward my health and my weight loss goals. My destination? To lose 75 – 80 pounds. Actually, that was what I used to think. Now it’s just as important to maintain that once it is lost. So instead, I’m going to:

I decided that I couldn’t stop my life to “diet”. I couldn’t not go on vacation. I couldn’t not attend friends’ parties. I couldn’t not LIVE MY LIFE. Sure I could not do those things for a certain period of time. But then where would I be when I’d have to actually face these activities in my “real” life? I had to learn how to implement healthy habits in my life NOW, but by making small, lasting changes.

Sure, I am willing to share in the coming weeks what is working and not working for me to help you make decisions on what may be right for you. Whether you are attempting to lose weight or to just live a more active and healthy lifestyle, we all can learn from each other. This wasn’t meant to be a weight loss blog; but I’m willing to share tidbits with you because everyone seems to be much more interested in my health/weight loss posts than what I think about restaurants. 😉 {But, I’ll still continue to post those, if only for my own benefit!} I hope you will share your own tidbits along the way, too. I welcome your comments!

I’ve still got about 45 to 50 pounds to go. And I actually don’t have a goal date. And while I normally push toward goals {like earning incentive trips!} when I’m doing Wine Tastings, I feel this is different. I want to change my habits for good. And I think the only way I will do it is by learning every day, one-day-at-a-time. Because that is how we really do learn all life lessons, isn’t it?

A votre santé!



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  1. Good for you Carrie. I have also started my own lifestyle change. (When I hear that I think of someone having a sex change). Well that is not the change I am going for. I joined Weight Watchers and keep walking or going to the Y. I feel better and that was what I was hoping to get. I just want to feel better. I don’t want to look like a model. I just want to be a better me. Good luck with your journey! You are doing so well! Alaina

  2. YES! Love this blog – it’s GREAT!!!

    And to answer your question, YES, you can 100% absolutely run this 1-mile race at WHATEVER pace. The goal is to simply finish, and to have fun! SIGN UP!!! DO IT!!! LAST DAY FOR ONLINE REGISTRATION IS TODAY!!!

  3. I think it’s great that you are focusing on improving your lifestyle rather than losing quickly. Diets only lead to a yoyo effect, and putting on the weight back. All the best in your journey and congratulations on the weight you have already lost.
    And do the race, you’ll have a blast.

  4. I do share your thoughts about weight loss. Only small changes in our lifestyle and eating habits can make the difference. If it`s too strict, then it`s a diet…and we don’t want that!!right??

  5. Obviously I’ve hear over and over that it’s a lifestyle change and not a diet, but it’s really becoming more and more clear to me lately. Sure I can restrict sugar/carbs for a week and be down 4lbs, but is it enjoyable or something I could stick with? Not at all! And it’s definitely not something I could do forever… Great post 🙂

  6. Great post! I also get annoyed with the word “journey” so PLEASE when you think of something less awful sounding let me know haha. I use it all the time but cringe every time. You’ve definitely got the right idea with this post – love it!

  7. I hate the word journey too but use it all the time – it makes me cringe so let me know when you think of something better! haha. You’ve definitely got the right idea here and congrats on your hard work so far!!

  8. I know when people ask me how I lost my weight, it’s SO hard to explain that I counted calories and started cooking for myself. Like, there wasn’t some “big” secret or even an elaborate set of rules. It was just me eating, real food. PLEASE let us know if you think of something better than journey!

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