Bubbly – A Beverage or a Characteristic?


How about a little bit of both?

This post has been in the works! It’s all about the…


Here are some definitions of the word that I found:

1. Full of or producing bubbles: a bubbly drink; a bubbly soap. – uh really?
2. Resembling bubbles: big, bubbly clouds. – even more obvious!
3. Full of high spirits; effervescent: bright, bubbly children. – true dat!
4. Champagne – I will get to this in a minute…
5. lively; animated; excited a bubbly personality – Now that’s what I was looking for!
6. full of, producing, or characterized by bubbles – uh… duh… but I guess they need to do this…
7. lively; effervescent; enthusiastic: the bubbly spirit of those early movie musicals – that about sums it up!
There’s something about a little bit of bubbly… One little glass of sparkling wine can:
  • make you feel special
  • make you stand a little taller
  • make a gal feel a little sexier
  • make any occasion more special

There’s something about those light, airy bubbles that lifts our spirits and makes us feel more alive. While Champagne is sadly offered at only the most special of events, consider this: If you offer a little bubbly on any occasion, you will elevate it to that next level. The event or celebration will become more festive, more distinguished, more memorable. But never stuffy. How can you do anything but smile with a flute of that nectar of the gods (or winemakers) in your hand?

Personally, I do love me some bubbly; however, my husband is not a fan, so we never have it at home. If I’m going to indulge in it, it has to be with girlfriends other friends {sorry, Jared!}.  Or it has to be at a place that serves it by the glass. Luckily I’ve been finding more places that do that and have recently enjoyed it here and here. It’s also great in cocktails such as I’ve found here and here and here.

On the day of my first 5k, I had scheduled a Wine Tasting to attend conduct that evening. Oh how I love my job! I told Rob that upon my return, I’d be ready to open a bottle of wine. {Naturally. I mean, I had been laying off of it the days leading up to the race. It was time to celebrate!}

He said, “Okay. So what would you like?”

“Some bubbly to celebrate!” I exclaimed.

“But we don’t have any.”

“We do! We do! There is a bottle in the fridge… I just haven’t find anyone to drink it with me!”

Little did I know that when I returned that evening, this would be waiting for me:

Moet & Chandon Imperial Champagne

What a surprise!

The funny thing is, he had it planned all along! He knew that he wanted to do something special the night of my first 5k… and that I’d been begging him to enjoy some Champagne with me. So instead of popping the bottle of bubbly in the fridge, he went out and got REAL Champagne {it must be from the Champagne region of France and adhere to rigorous standards to be considered such}, rather than just some “bubbly”.

Too bad I only got a picture of the empty bottle above. I was just too excited and swept off my feet to even think of taking a picture of the candles, music and bottle of Champagne chillin’ in a bucket for me when I got home. I don’t know if a picture would convey the mood anyway. I was smiling from ear-to-ear. After the initial surprise, we put the scene on pause to go out and get a quick bite to eat while the Champagne finished chilling. 🙂

When we got back, Rob opened the bottle. The bubbles were effervescent, climbed the glass quickly and were smaller and more numerous than I could remember that I’d had in a long time. And get this…


“This is the best Champagne I’ve ever had!” he exclaimed.

Maybe he was just swayed by the ambiance… the lack of sports in the background, the cell phones silented and the computers unplugged. Mood can change everything. Champagne has a part in that! Or maybe… he just has expensive taste…

Do you see what I mean? A little bubbly can make any occasion more special. While I prefer the drier stuff, checkout the Fissata, a sweet effervescent Italian bubbly that pleases nearly everyone. It’s sweet, but not cloyingly so because the bubbles cleanse the palate with each sip. This wine will only be available through June 15th, as it’s too delicate to ship in summer heat:

Fissata Rosa Condole Mosto Parzialmente Fermentato da Uve Rosso, Italy

From the Italian, “to be fixated upon something”, our Fissata is a wine that conveys the feeling when you discover something new and want to share your passion for it with everyone you know. It’s fizzy, fruity, and fantastic — perfect on its own or with a decadent dessert.

What do you like best about Sparkling Wine?



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  1. Really Carrie? It only makes a gal feel sexier? SIGH guess it won’t do me any good. LOL.

    I love a nice glass of bubbly with my appetizer when I go out as well. It doesn’t have to be a special occasion or celebration to have a glass. Unfortunately too many people in the US think that it does!

    Next time you go out, have a glass with that appetizer or salad!

  2. Okay, so Moet & Chandon Imperial isn’t expensive by *Champagne* standards, but it is more expensive than the average everyday bubbly most people buy. 😉

  3. My favorite bubbly beverage is proseco. Don’t get me wrong, I love good champagne, but proseco is my fizzy drink of choice. Nothing nice for me than a nice proseco poured into a tall glass with a little peach nectar. So good. Summertime in a glass.

    • Prosecco is such a good value for bubbly! I love it when it is offered by the glass or as splits in restaurants. Then I almost always order it…

  4. What I love about bubbly? It is delightful at all times of day. Really, it’s a shame that more people aren’t doing the sparkling thing more frequently. What a nice post-race surprise/celebration. 🙂

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