Salut Bar Américain – St. Paul


Brunch anyone?

Sure, my husband doesn’t do brunch. However, he was accompanying me to my first 5k, so I wanted to treat him after the race. I’d been essentially running on my own. I run on the treadmill; I run outside – by myself. I’ve been reading a lot of runners’ blogs and there’s always talk about how other people have kept them going during their races. There are stories about the fact that someone’s conversation was the only thing that got them through the race.


What conversation?

I can’t imagine talking to anyone during a run. I’m not even sure how to control my breathing yet! Maybe I’m running too fast? But I’m so slow that I’m not sure I can go much more slowly. So other than the wonderful support from friends, family and even unknowns out on the world wide web, I’m doing this alone.

But Rob came with me that day to support me. He agreed to get up early, to drive me to the race with a coffee stop en route, to help figure out the logistics upon arrival, to keep me company until the race started, and to stick around 38:54 more minutes to take my photo as I crossed the finish line.

I can’t tell you how much his support means to me!

So despite his aversion to brunch, I wanted to take him out for a little something after the race. Besides, it was still early. Would it even really be brunch yet? 😉

After the race, I was in the mood for some eggs, sausage and toast. I was itchin’ to find a diner nearby! Without any luck, we kept searching for something. We even tried using an app on my phone to find anything. We were I was hungry! We did find a couple of places, but they weren’t open yet. We finally turned onto Grand Avenue knowing that we would surely find a bite here.

We stopped at Salut Bar Américain. I’d been here a few times before, but I believe at the Edina location. As a francophile, it’s a fun little place to check out. Menu items include traditional and cliché French cuisine, sometimes Americanized. I love the oyster bar, too!

But I had never been there for brunch.

Luckily, the brunch was not buffet style, just a specific menu.

Hmm… What to order?

While we waited for our orders, the following was brought to the table:

amuse bouche: one-bite smoothie on a spoon (or that’s what I called it!) 


corn muffins

I love me some corn bread or a good corn muffin, but these were just okay.

My post-race meal:

French County Omelette: pit Ham, onion, swiss cheese

Okay, I think what I needed was a good greasy spoon instead. This did not satisfy. I know they aren’t always trying to go for traditional French here, but if they were in this omelette’s case, they missed the mark. It was more a big fluff of egg with way too much ham and a little melted cheese. And onion? What onion?

That’s okay! There was a consolation prize:

A flaky mini croissant!

This little croissant made my meal. Oh la la!! It was supposed to come with my omelette, but didn’t. We had to ask for it. Rather, Rob did for me. So they brought us two… and I just may have eaten that second one as well. 😉

Did you know a mini croissant is only 114 calories? Not as bad as I thought!

Rob’s breakfast was to die for!

Petite Croque Madame: classic open-faced ham & cheese with fried egg


This quickly became…

THIS! (Okay, so I helped.)

Accompanying the sandwich was a side of fries with:

Sauce Américain (aka ketchup)

Despite all this food, we did end with some dessert! Unfortunately, both desserts looked better on paper. My profiteroles were disappointing (although I’ve only had them in France) and Rob said his ice cream just wasn’t anywhere near as good as Izzy’s!

All of that being said, there are a lot of fun things on the menu we want to give a try! Before this brunch, we had talked about going back anyway. I do love the French schtick that is the Salut Bar Américain!

What is your favorite French restaurant or favorite brunch place?


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  1. I had to laugh at your conversation? What conversation? comment. I was exactly the same way. I say was because I haven’t gotten my running mojo back yet. But truly. I like running time as me time. Nice your hubby gave you the support you needed tho

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