The Wine Chiller


One of my favorite and most popular wine accessory items is on special this month!

Here’s why people love it:

  • It chills wine fast – If you come home and had a hard day at work or someone pops over unexpectedly, just remove your bottle of wine from your wine rack, take the chiller out of the freezer {it lays flat, so you just keep it in there} and slide it on the bottle. In less than ten minutes, your wine will be chilled.
  • It’ll keep your wine chilled for up to 3 hoursWho takes that long to finish a bottle?! 😉 It’s great when you are out on the deck in the summer, out on the boat or camping. No need to mess with an ice bucket!
  • It’s perfect for both red and white wine drinkers – There’s a misconception that red wine should be served room temperature or warm. WRONG! It should be more like cellar temperature – the temperature of a cool basement. If you’ve got a red wine at room temp, put on the wine chiller for just a couple of minutes to bring it down a bit.
  • It’s a great gift – It’s perfect for someone who you know loves wine, but you aren’t quite sure what kind of wine they like.
  • There are other uses – You’ll want to get more than one! Someone will steal one as a ice pack for their lunch. {One husband did when he went hunting!} You might use it you hurt your back. Kids love them for to soothe their owies. You can even use it for your head the next day if you had a little too much wine the night before.

The Tasting Special in June:

This wine chiller is normally $15.98. However, guests at June tastings can get it for only $5 when they purchase any six bottles of wine from The Traveling Vineyard.

This is one of the most popular accessory items at my Wine Tasting events, even when it’s not on special!

If you are in the Twin Cities metro area, visit my website to book a June tasting.

If you have one of these Wine Chillers, what do you love about it?



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