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Despite the fact that I recently pled for help on how to be more concise in my blog posts, I’ve decided to write a post that is going to be anything but that.

You see, I’ve been waiting to post about McHugh’s Public House in Savage until we had gone just enough times to get photos of all of our favorite menu items there.

Then something happened on Tuesday.

They changed their menu.


At first I was excited. I love trying new dishes. But then I realized that many of my favorites are no longer offered. For example, they no longer serve one of my favorite salads:

Crispy Chicken Salad (Old Menu)

However, this is how I’d order it:

Crispy Grilled Chicken Salad with ranch dressing on the side, add buffalo sauce on the side

I normally am not a huge fan of salads with iceberg lettuce; however, I loved the combination of cheese, tomatoes and onions in this one. The chicken was always juicy and the buffalo sauce gave it a nice kick. Bye-bye, Chicken Salad. 😦

They also no longer serve:

The Petite Sirloin (Old Menu)

nor the:

Merlot Sirloin (Appetizer off the Old Menu)

While the Petite Sirloin was a steal of a meal at $10.99 for six ounces of great steak, a potato and some excellent garlic sautéed veggies, I would often order the Merlot Sirloin appetizer instead because it was also a tender, well-seasoned steak at the right portion size:

Merlot Sirloin (Old Menu)

Replacing these steaks on the new menu, are the:

6 oz Petite Sirloin with Jameson Teriyaki Sauce

and the:

Jameson Sirloin with Jameson Teriyaki Sauce  (Appetizer)

Okay, so I get it. It’s an Irish Pub. Flavoring the steaks with a Jameson sauce makes sense. However, I’ve never been keen on whiskey or bourbon sauces on meat. They have always been too sweet for me. So bye-bye,  Merlot Sirloin. 😦

Still, on this night of the new menu, Rob decided to order the Jameson Sirloin Appetizer:

Jameson Sirloin

It was still a great cut of meat at an incredible price. And the sauce wasn’t as sweet as I expected. Still, it wasn’t my Merlot Sirloin! {Poor Carrie, right?}

The Quesadillas at McHugh’s have been some of the best, in my mind. While there aren’t any frilly fillings like cilantro or black beans that I often tend to like, they are chock full of lots of chicken, cheese and onions:

McHugh’s Quesadilla

perfect, toasty, cheesy goodness

While I rarely order them since I’ve been losing weight {it’s just too tempting for this Wisconsin girl to eat all of that cheese in one sitting}, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that they remained on the menu! Then, we saw something new we wanted to try:

Mini Reuben Sliders?

I never really ate Reubens until I met Rob. I don’t mind them; but for me, it takes a lot to make a decent one. However, when we saw these on the new menu, we knew we had to try them:

Reuben Mini Sliders: soft pretzel buns toasted and stuffed with corned beef, sauerkraut & thousand island dressing

Yummy!  The pretzel bun really made these. And while I’m always one to prefer a well-balanced sandwich
{the proper ratio of meat to cheese to sauce}, I know I am in the minority here. These have more meat than cheese or toppings.  However, if you are at McHugh’s, they are definitely something you have to try! {Now that I think about it, isn’t Mini Sliders a little redundant? It doesn’t matter. Doesn’t make them any less tasty.}

And while he didn’t on new-menu-opening-night, Rob nearly always orders this:

McCheeseburger Pizza

And because he orders it, I always get to steal a couple of squares! It really does taste like a cheeseburger. It appears that it remains on the new menu as the Cheeseburger Pizza. {Why drop the Mc? That was kinda cute!} But we have yet to determine if it’s the same thing.

McCheeseburger Pizza

And as I’ve mentioned before, we always like to enjoy a good cider in any Irish Pub. Our go-to at McHugh’s:

Strongbow dry English cider

Seriously, McHugh’s is only one of two places that serve Strongbow “south of the river”. Other places are starting to serve that Crispin crap… but you know how we feel about that.

Sometimes, Rob will add a shot of whiskey and make his own Johnny Jump Up.

While I’m sad that some my favorites are no longer on the menu, I realize that change is inevitable. No matter what, we always get great service there when we sit at the bar. Just know before you go that this is a sports bar, really, more than a traditional Irish Pub.

Has something you liked ever been eliminated from a menu?

If so, what? And has it ever kept you from coming back?


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  1. I had this happen on Saturday night. A friend and I went to Titletown Brewery in GB. I was craving the portobella mushroom burger. It was so good. Of course, they changed their menu the week before and got rid of it. The BASTARDS!!! I don’t go there often and when I do this is what happens. They continually change the menu and get rid of so many good things or remake them. I hate it and it makes me not want to go back. Also since they are a brewery, I get they really push their homebrews, but I am not a beer gal. They don’t serve cider as another option. So it’s flat diet soda or water. ugh. They also had an amazing peppermint cheesecake one Christmas season and never had it again. I know better to not go back anymore. It’s always a disappointment.

    • That sux! I’d definitely give them the feedback. It’s funny, because this stuff never really happened before until I met Rob. He always says that products are discontinued, restaurants close and menus change because HE liked them. 😉

  2. Bacio is a Stalwart for us out here in Plymouth (it has been my favorite restaurant since it opened in 8th grade) and through their many menu reincarnations, my favorite dishes have managed to hold-fast, for which I am thankful.

    On iceberg lettuce: While it never appears in our home, I absolutely love eating it out. It is a shameless guilty pleasure.

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