Cooking Classes


My friend Jared and I have started to take cooking classes from time to time. While they can be a little expensive, we have found them absolutely worth it every time. The first couple we took were at the Kitchen Window in Uptown Minneapolis. One was a knife skills class.

It was life-changing!

Yes, you can laugh. But I never knew chopping an onion could be so quick and easy. Later that year, we took another one on How to Cook from Your CSA Box. While the instructor was a former chef and owner of a local CSA that neither of us subscribed to, it didn’t matter. The class was more about using seasonal produce and becoming more confident in our own cooking. The young instructor’s experience and expertise was impressive. The #1 thing I learned from that class:

NEVER apologize for your cooking.

I’m a novice cook. So I’m always afraid of how something new is going to turn out. When I plop something in front of my husband, I start out by telling him why I’m not sure this or that worked or if I under or overcooked something. This is wrong! Repeating these words and apologizing only reinforces our cooking insecurities, creating the fear to try something again. Instead, he said, if someone has anything to complain about our cooking, they can do the cooking next time.

When I made the San Marzano pasta that was demonstrated in that class, my husband was so impressed that he said I could take cooking classes any time because I just keep getting better. Note: My husband does not cook nor have any interest in ever cooking. Furthermore, he’d rather go out to dinner any night of the week. So this comment is a huge step – in both his willingness to eat at home and my cooking ability!

Another class Jared and I took was a fun, participatory one on sauces at Saga Hill. I have never come away from any of these classes disappointed. In fact, I recently bought Groupons for upcoming classes at both Saga Hill and the Kitchen Window. I’m looking forward to learning something new later this summer and fall with my friend Jen.

However, my most recent cooking class was on risotto. Come back later this week to learn more about it! I plan to review these classes as I take them. Trust me, it’s one place where I’ve learned to Season It Already!

Have you ever taken a cooking class?

If so, what was it?

What were your impressions?


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  1. I have been interested in taking that knife skills class! Glad to hear that it is worth it!! Nice to also know that the other places in the area are worth the money, thanks for sharing!!

  2. I have taken some cooking classes. The last one that I did was fantastic – soups! However, what I really want to do is take a knives class. I think that would make me so much more efficient in the kitchen.

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