The Bachelor Farmer – Minneapolis


Before I get into The Bachelor Farmer…

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The Bachelor Farmer

When my friend Jared and I took a Risotto Cooking Class at Local D’Lish in May, we decided to meet for a drink and an appetizer beforehand. Normally, the food that is cooked is served in the cooking classes we’ve attended. However, the reminder email we received the week before confused us. They suggested other restaurants to “make a night of it”, but also encouraged bringing containers for leftovers. Going out for a drink and an app sounded like a safe bet and a great way to try some place new.

We agreed on The Bachelor Farmer. It was just around the corner, in walking distance of our class, so there was no need to park twice downtown. In addition, while I hadn’t heard from anyone personally who’d been there yet, it was a newer restaurant that I’d been hearing a lot of in print.

I love the concept of this place. From their website:

“The Bachelor Farmer serves fresh and simple food that honors Minnesota’s Nordic heritage.  Paul Berglund and his team source the best ingredients available, which often means buying from local farmers and purveyors.  We use organic products whenever possible and also grow our own herbs and vegetables on our rooftop farm, which is the first of its kind in Minneapolis.”

You know that I love a place that focuses on fresh, local, high quality ingredients. Because of this, the menu will change with seasons as well as with what’s available. Here were our appetizer choices:

Appetizers – May 2012

The wine selection was unique, with many French and German options. We tried a few different wines by the glass.

We were served some fresh local radishes and cracker bread with butter and salt to whet our palates:

Sidenote: Radishes were definitely in season. In our Risotto Class, we were served sliced ones tossed with olive oil and salt with beautiful purple chive flowers:

I never thought to toss radishes with olive oil! I definitely have to remember this! And those beautiful chive flowers tasted lovely.

Back to The Bachelor Farmer:

Our appetizer: Morel mushrooms, pheasant egg, toasted pain de mie, thyme


After dining, you receive your bill in this great little moleskin notebook, where you can leave your own comments:

This is most definitely a place I’d like to come back to and try a full meal. However, you have to be pretty open minded. The food is more on the unusual side of the foodie spectrum. I did notice that they have a 3-course Sunday Supper for roughly $30. It changes weekly and is posted to their web page each Saturday:

“Sunday Supper is a set three-course menu consisting of a soup, salad or toast to start, followed by a family-style entrée, and then a dessert. While the entrées are often intended for two or more to share, they are also available in individual portions and a vegetarian option is always available.”

What is the most unusual food or meal you’ve tried?

What did you think about it?



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  1. This looks sooo yummy! I’ve eaten tons of strange things- many insects which are much better than birds eggs, I think. I’ve eaten horse, which I didn’t like particularly. Goat is amazing- it has the texture of pork but is much sweeter.

  2. I’ve been to Marvel a few times but never to TBF – it needs to go on the list. I love the Sunday Supper idea -I’ll probably have to drag my husband in for that.

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