Where would you dine in Chicago?


This fall, my husband, his parents and I are going on a little family adventure to Ireland.

It’ll be a first for Rob and his dad. However, you will hear more about the beautiful Emerald Isle later this fall upon our return. Instead, today I’m going to ask you a little bit about Chicago.

Why? Well, our package to Ireland includes a flight from Chicago to Dublin. And since Rob has never been to Chicago, I thought it might be cool to get there a day or two early so he can check it out.

Chicago Skyline – Source

We’ll be there for a couple of days right around my birthday. And since we have a little birthday dining tradition, I’m looking for suggestions on where I should choose to dine out! I’m looking for a place with high quality, flavorful food {duh! Season It Already! } and ambiance. I want it to be nice for our dinner out, but not stuffy.

I know I’ve heard of restaurants in Chicago that have intrigued me over the past few years, but I’ve never kept track of them. I plan to do a little research online with my trusty friends Trip Advisor {some of our favorite places on our honeymoon to Italy were recommended there} and The Google. Oh! And I’ll check out The Food Network’s archives on The Best Thing I Ever Ate! But I’d love to hear first hand from my readers.

We’ll also need a place to stay. Do you have any hotel recommendations? We aren’t into spending a ton of money just for a place to sleep, but we’d like to be in a safe neighborhood with easy access to public transportation since we won’t have a car. We like small boutique hotels; but again, would also like it to be inexpensive, so we’re okay with a chain, if need be, too.

I’m compiling a list of things we’ll want to do in the less-than-two-full-days we’ll have. And while I know we won’t be able to do them all, they will give us some options from which to choose. Here’s a start:

So my questions for you today are actually requests for recommendations. Whether you’ve been to Chicago, you’ve heard of something incredible to do there, or have to-do items on your Chicago wish list, please give your input! It’s been a while since I’ve been there…

What restaurants would you recommend for a nice dinner out in Chicago?

What other eateries would you recommend for lunch?

Where would you recommend staying mid-week?

What are your not-too-miss attractions or favorite things to do?

Thank you!




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  1. When I picked Kyler up in February when he moved home from Thailand, we stayed at The James Hotel. Great location, and fun boutique hotel. Got a great deal through Hotwire. Had dinner at “The Publican” Fun and great food! I’d highly recommend both! Must see is The Bean at Millennium Park. If you need any recommendations in Ireland, let me know. I have been there numerous times, and have been all around both the Republic and Northern Ireland. Have fun!

  2. Carrie Jim’s out of town but will give you a few suggestions for restaurants just give me a day or two. I love the Bean. We’ve stayed at the Palmer house and Whitehall- I prefer more traditional than modern. Not what I consider a boutique hotel but we recently stayed at the Wit and loved it . Always remember you can stay at the Calme B&B (the price is right) but there is nothing like staying right downtown – you will love it! Will email you direct once I hear from Jim.

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