Piper’s Pub – Gladwin, MI


If you aren’t from Michigan, please stick with me anyway on this one!

You still may learn a thing or two from this Restaurant Impression

Piper’s Pub hasn’t always been around since I’ve been going back to Michigan to visit Rob’s (and now my!) family. When it landed on the map, we were excited to have another option for dining out and supporting the local economy in Gladwin! We do go there about once a year now.

That being said, I really don’t know if I have a whole lot to say about it. We dined there twice this trip, but I didn’t take any photos. One of the reasons I recount our dining experiences on this blog is so that when we go back, I know what I adored and will satisfy me if I order again and what really wasn’t worth it. There really is no use in making the same mistake twice! I’ve done that more than my fair share of times.

But looking back, I wish I would have taken more notes this trip. I really only have a few and will share with you what I remember. But having an experience that isn’t really memorable is, perhaps, a little telling in and of itself.

I’m still looking for something I really enjoy at Piper’s Pub.

Overall, I have not been impressed with the food I’ve tried here. But I’m always willing to support a local joint, so we will keep returning in search of something new. I regret not taking a photo of the menu, because like Mr. M’s, there is no menu online. However, there is one thing that I do love here:

The fries.

The golden, crispy, well-seasoned, perfectly-potato-y fries at Piper’s Pub are exceptional.

We will get them every time.

Bleus Burger

I believe that is what they call their blue cheeseburger. {More notes, Carrie, more notes!} It’s a burger on a ciabatta {Yum! Okay, extra points for that one!} smothered with a blue cheese sauce. Rob adores this burger, so we split one on a visit when we both knew we needed lunch, but weren’t particularly famished.

Can I just say how much I love ciabatta bread, especially for a burger?! The blue cheese sauce was uberflavorful, too, but not enough to cover up the flavor of the meat. While Rob, the burger guru, didn’t notice it at all, I thought the meat tasted weird. I ended up not eating the rest of the meat, just my half of the ciabatta bun smothered in blue sauce and fries. I know. Healthy lunch, right? In any case, I don’t know if it was the meat that was “off” or just me. Freezer burn, maybe?


I’m not sure why on our second visit to Piper’s later in our vacation, I was in a nachos kind of mood. I mean we just had our fill earlier in the week at the Beaverton Tavern. Rob and I decided to split an order.

What were we thinking!!!? 

After having the most delectable nachos at the BT, why would we order them anywhere else on vacation, just days later? The downfalls of the nachos at Pipers:

  1. They used the cheap, almost-stale chips out of a bag. {Think generic brand of Tostitos.} Maybe I just have had too many a tortilla chip in my day, that I know the good ones.
  2. They were huge. {Okay, so I agree. This is a problem with most plates of nachos. So, it’s not a huge offense here.} 
  3. The toppings were piled in the middle and it took us forever just to get to the meat. {Maybe that’s why the size of the nachos was more troublesome.}

Even though the nachos weren’t good, I kept eating them in hopes that I’d get to the “good stuff.” It never happened. *Sigh*

Fried Green Beans

Like Mr. M’s {and many other dining establishments in Michigan for that matter}, Piper’s has their own version of Fried Green Beans – in an onion batter. They tasted just fine. But by this time on our vacation, I was thinking, “Oy with the fried food already!”

Other Food

When we dined with friends they said that they wings  were good, but the sauces are better at Buffalo Wild Wings. Our friend that only likes coleslaw at KFC, enjoyed it at Piper’s. Everyone else seemed to be “fine” with their food.


The folks at Piper’s seem to pride themselves with the fact that they have the “coldest beer in town”. How do they know? Do they check the temperatures of the refrigeration at all other establishments serving beer and go one degree lower?

If you are a beer snob, like I am, you know that many beers are served too cold. Chill a beer too much and it’ll lose its flavor. {But maybe that’s the point with a light beer?} But, yes, I get it. On a hot day, a nice cold beverage just sounds refreshing.

Piper’s doesn’t have much on tap. For specialties, we find our usual Bell’s Oberon this time of year and that’s about it. However, I will commend them for their bottled beer selection. Rob likes to order the Dirty Bastard Scotch Style Ale from Founders Brewing Company out of Grand Rapids, Michigan:

My mission next year at Piper’s? To find something healthy on their menu that I really like. They do have salads listed but I fear chunky iceberg lettuce and mealy tomatoes. But I’m determined!

Do you have a go-to dish at a particular restaurant?

What do you do when a menu has limited healthy options?



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  1. When in doubt, it’s always acceptable to order beer, fries (or buffalo wings!) and a side-salad. That’s pretty much my go-to if I’m going to eat pub food and I know that what I really want is Not The Salad.

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  6. They do have the coldest beer in town. All of their lines are chilled and insulated at 31 degrees. There are actually chilled lines merged next to the beer lines and insulated guaranteeing the beer is at 31 degrees at the tap. In addition every beer cooler is at 32 degrees (to prevent freezing) The owner assured us of that. The guy next to me at the bar? He was the refrigeration guru in town….agrees. No place in Gladwin goes to that much work to ensure cold beer. Ps. Check out the new menu when in town next time, you’ll be surprised!

  7. How have you not tried the pizza there? You and I obviously have different tastes but the pizza is by far their best option. The crust is superb and the toppings are cooked perfectly.

    I think their blues burger is sloppy and that it’s kind of lazy to use bleu cheese dressing rather than crumbles but that’s a minor thing. The hamburger patties are not seasoned at all feel like they are premade and frozen rather than what I would expect a “pub” to have.

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