Love with Food – A Subscription Box


Once upon on time, I bought a Groupon for a subscription box. Actually, to be fair, it was Plum District deal. I just call all of these Daily Deal site gift certificates Groupons like one would call any brand of tissue Kleenex.

The subscription box was called Love with Food. Love with Food sends samples of fun, sometimes gourmet, often artisan and organic food products to its subscribers. The subscription is only $10 per month {+ a $2 shipping charge, I believe. Have you ever been able to ship anything for $2?!} And for each box shipped, the company donates a meal to a hungry child. That’s a win-win, right?

When I received my first box, I didn’t even think about taking a picture to share with you. A few weeks later, it hit me that I should have. So I took some photos of what was left.

At least I thought I did… I can’t find them anywhere.

In any case, the most recent things I’ve tried that I did get photos of were:

Organic Blue Corn “TorChia” Chips by Whale Tails Stone ground organic blue corn infused with healthy & nutty Chia seed

We loved these! But I like me a blue corn chip any day. I love the fact they are infused with chia seeds, too.

Organic Spring Jasmine Tea by Mighty Leaf Tea “Organic, whole green tea leaves meet floral jasmine in this smooth bodied tea.”

I always like jasmine tea, especially with a bit of honey. You can’t tell in the photo above what it looks like, but I love that Mighty Leaf Tea Company uses eco-friendly tea pouches. They are hard to describe, so you’ll just have to check them out for yourself.

Each month, the Love with Food box adheres to theme. Last month’s theme was United States of Summer: Americana Celebration. Besides the TorChia Chips and Jasmine Tea samples, the box also included:

  • Chipotle Ketchup with Organic Agave Nectar by Montebello Kitchens – We don’t eat ketchup very often, so haven’t tried this yet. It came in a cute jar perfect for gift-giving!
  • YummyEarth LollipopsI loved these. There was a pomegranate one! I’m a sucker for pomegranate. Pun intended. These claim to be “organic and free of artificial anything.”
  • Sweet Corn Crunch-Dried Snack by Sensible Foods – Sounds strange, but they tasted just like sweet corn! Rob devoured the bag. Great little snack. And ingredients? “100% Organic Sweet Corn, Sea Salt, and Nothing Else.”
  • Milk Chocolate Hot Fudge Dessert Topping by Sanders Candy – Surprisingly, we haven’t opened this yet. I don’t keep ice cream in the house. {Huge weakness.} Should I drizzle it on my popcorn? Another cute little jar perfect for gift giving!
  • Sweet Orange & Citrus Sunburst Green Iced Tea by Mighty Leaf Tea – This reminds me that I have to make a pitcher of this!
  • Patriotic PoppersJust your basic pieces of hard candy, only these are “sweetened with organic cane juice and brown rice syrup.”

Come back tomorrow to find out what I received this month and for a special Savings Offer!

What subscriptions boxes do you receive?


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