Love with Food: Travelin’ Treats!


Yesterday, I told you about my new Love with Food subscription box. Saturday, I received my second box. Check it out!

When the box arrived, Sophie was anxious to help me get it open {despite the fact that the box does not include dog treats!}.

“We ripped open the package, so what’s in the box, Momma?”

Love with Food box {and green dog toy}

Sophie’s trying really hard to hold back checking out the contents!

This month’s theme: Travelin’ Treats!

Sophie couldn’t hold back from sniffing the contents any longer!

Turn the page over to get the list and description of samples received!

We’ve already tried most of them, but not all:

Skinny Dipping Pretzels & Key Lime with Ginger Mustard by East Shore

Pretzels and mustard will make a yummy snack!

Vegan Peanut Butter Cookie by the Sun Flour Baking Company

On Saturday, I opened the mailbox after returning from my second ever 5-mile run. Inside was the Love with Food package. This was perfect timing because this delicious Peanut Butter Cookie was enough to hit the spot post-run!  Nutrition facts from Sun Flour Baking website: 160 cal, .8g fiber, 2g protein.

Vegan Lemony Lemon Cookie by the Sun Flour Baking Company

This made a good Monday mid-morning snack! I love to have samples like this instead a whole box of cookies in the house! Nutrition facts per Sun Flour Baking Company: 150 cal, .5g fiber, 1.3g protein.

Dried Montmorency Cherries by Cherry Bay Orchards

Trying to decide: Eat these as a snack by themselves, add them to oatmeal with some chocolate chips (chocolate cherry oatmeal!) or sprinkle them on a salad? So many options!

Coconut Toffee Peanuts by Sconza Candies

Oh Dear Lord, these candied peanuts are insanely good! The “sample” size was a whole 2.5 servings. Rob and I split them. Good thing, because they were easily devoured!

Gin Gins Super Strength Caramel Candy by the Ginger People

Whew! Do these little candies have a kick! They’re spicy – that ginger kinda spicy. They are touted as great for travel because ginger is supposed to ease motion sickness. No wonder when I had a tummy ache as a kid my dad told me to drink ginger ale! The funny thing is that I always drink ginger ale when I fly, too. Not because of motion sickness, but more as a treat. I rarely buy ginger ale myself, so it’s kind of nostalgic and comforting. 🙂

Tangerine Glee Gum

At only $10 ( +$2 shipping) per shipment, I think I’m going to continue on with the Love with Food subscription box for a while. This is fun!

And here is a special savings for you if you want to give it a try!

Go to and use code AUGLOVE for $2 off! {Expires 8/31/12}

What fun treats do you bring with you when you travel?


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  1. I just love that they thought to combine pretzels and mustard. Because we all know that the two go exceptionally well together, especially when beer is involved. I’ll definitely be looking into this!

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