Castaways – Bay City, MI


This Restaurant Impression post is purely selfish.

You see, when we go back to Bay City, Michigan, and back to Castaways {which is inevitable!}, I want to know what to order! I have no pictures of mouth-watering delights to share with you. So you are gonna have to go old school and picture them yourself, just like you are reading a book.

Still, that may be difficult. I don’t have a ton of notes. So this post will probably lack the descriptive words necessary to conjure up a visual in your imagination. I really need to remember to write down my thoughts on dining in a restaurant within hours of eating there, or at least the next day. {Note to self.}

On this visit to Castaways, I was in a burger kind of mood. I’m very rarely in such a mood; but when I am, the burger I order has to be a really good one. It has to be worth it. 

So how did I know that Castaways had good burgers?

I didn’t.

However, while walking from the bar to the tables where our group was sitting, I passed by a plate of cheesy bread being delivered to a table. It sold me. However, I did see a plate of cheesy bread delivered to a nearby table. It sold me. I’m not sure why I was in a let’s-eat-unhealthy-because-we-are-on-vacation-mood.

Oh yeah. I just ran 3+ miles that morning in 95+ weather and humidity so high that it sucked the air right out of my chest.

Now I didn’t know what to do…

Cheesy bread?


Decisions. Decisions. In the end, I don’t know how I did it, but I talked Rob into splitting both with me! I figured that if the burger wasn’t great, the cheesy bread just HAD to be!

The Cheese Bread came out first and was just as expected – globbed with melted golden brown cheese. Yes, it satisfied, but the order was huge and we knew we had to slow down for the next “course”. We tried to offer it up to others, but many people were waiting for their pizza to arrive – also popular at Castaways.

The burger we ordered was the Island Burger. It sounds exotic, like it might have pineapple on it or something. But it was really just your basic burger.


Island Burger

Topped with bacon, sautéed onions, pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, mustard, ketchup, mayo and both Swiss and American Cheese. – $6.95


But this burger was excellent! We ordered it medium rare as we always do and it was cooked to perfection. It was juicy and flavorful. Because I have neither pictures nor detailed notes, I can’t tell you ’bout the bun nor the fries. Just that we loved this burger. We were pleasantly surprised. When we go back to Bay City, when that burger mood strikes, this is where I’ll be getting one!

Rob ordered a mixed drink from their menu, but wasn’t too impressed. So he followed my lead and switched over to Cherry Wheat. I knew by now that we weren’t going to find Cherry Wheat on tap at home, so I had to take advantage!

The service here is more impressive than we generally give them credit. Castaways is our group’s go-to joint post golf-tournament. We usually have 20 or so people coming and going in our group at any given time. We usually set up one or two long tables together. People order at different times and some go in and out to play volleyball. And somehow the servers remember what you were drinking, who ordered what and which people get which bills. While I’m sure there are bound to be screw-ups of some sort at any establishment among this confusion, the staff just seems to always know what they are doing and doesn’t seem flustered. They make sure to keep the drinks flowing. You are never waiting for very long!

So, there you have it – my vague record of what we last ate at Castaways. Next year, I won’t be asking Rob, “Did I like the tuna melt here?” Instead, I will know exactly what to order.

Where do you like to go when you are in a burger mood?



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