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Solera – Minneapolis {Closed}


Sometimes, the only way to get my husband to try a restaurant is to buy a Groupon. We have to use it, right? There truly is Power in the Groupon!

Solera is a Spanish tapas bar in the Theater District of Minneapolis. I’d been there a few times with girlfriends. I love the concept of small plates and getting to try a bunch of different flavors. It was something my friend Jen and I loved when we were in Barcelona back in 2000.

I just feared that Rob would hate it. I feared that there would be little for him to eat {a lot of seafood on the menu} and that the plates would be too small. I feared he would go away hungry. I had even considered using the Groupon with a friend instead of Rob.

Then I thought, “No! I want him to try it!” And I knew that having the Groupon was the only way to get him there.

As a backup plan to quell both of our fears, I told him that if he was still hungry, we’d stop at the Scottish Pub next door afterward.

I’m so glad we went.

Because he loved it!

Rob hates downtown Minneapolis. I can’t stress this enough. While he loves dining there and going to concerts and sporting events, he detests navigating the city. He hates parking, construction, traffic and when there are so many people that you just can’t get a seat where you want to or arrive on time if reservations are made.

So I made sure to go at an off-time – on a Sunday afternoon, right when Solera opened. It was a beautiful day and we sat at the bar.

We started off by ordering a Spanish specialty and one that you know I like:

Sangria Menu!

Our choice:

St.Germaine, sugar • 7

I’d never had a sangria made with hard cider before! It was actually made with Crispin, which is probably the only good thing that particular cider is good for. I just may be actioning my own Cider Sangria next summer!

Pre-meal crusty bread with oil for dunking

When you order tapas, the plates come out as they are ready. You are not served in courses or all at once. I like this concept because whatever you get will be hot and freshly prepared. In addition, if you are still hungry, you can order more. The bartender recommended 3 to 5 tapas for two people, because the size of them really depends on each dish.

First to come out:

Patatas Bravas
spicy harissa, aioli • 8

These potatoes were more than delightful. The spice of the harissa gave them a nice kick. Talk about flavor! As you will come to see, this is certainly not a place where we will be screaming Season It Already!

And why was I worried about these plates being too “small” for dear hubby? With the four plates of tapas we ordered, we couldn’t even finish these, despite how good they were!

You may not know this yet from my blog, but I have a not-so-secret love affair with scallops. I was introduced to them later in life {read: after college} and I almost always order them anytime they are offered {read: when not served with bacon}.

Despite the fact that tapas are plates meant to share, Rob knew that I would need to order the scallops. {He approves of the love affair.} But he also knew we’d be ordering other meat items for his culinary pleasure.

The Scallops

These scallops are different from those on the current menu. I imagine that the flavors change with the season. And while the flavors of these scallops are indescribable {the bartender and server went into intricate detail on how they were prepared!}, let’s just say that I was fully satisfied and smiling ear-to-ear. My plate was cleaned.

Next up:

Bistec al Guacho
seared sirloin, smoked paprika, chimichurri • 9

While Rob said that the meat was just a bit chewy, it didn’t stop him from eating it! And flavor? How could there not be with a fresh chimichurri sauce covering it?

And finally:

Pork Ribs
brandy glaze, pimenton rub • 14

For being an American girl constantly in search of flavor, you may be surprised to learn that I don’t particularly like ribs nor barbecue sauces. {Gasp!} There is something about the smoky and sweet flavors that everyone loves that I’m just not into so much. That being said, I gave these pork ribs a try and was pleasantly surprised. Rob licked his fingers clean.

And you can’t stop in Spain without having a little Sherry, right?

Solera Sherry Menu

Being the girl that cannot make a decision, knows nothing about sherry, and is still in search of her inner Frasier Crane, I finally just had the bartender choose one for us:

Our after-dinner sherry

The perfect end to a meal! I sometimes taste Bit-O-Honey when I drink Sherry or other sweet Spanish wines. Is this just  me?

What are your favorite small plates to eat, make or order?



New Year’s Resolutions


Ahhh… New Year’s Resolutions. I hate ’em. I haven’t made one in years. The ones I did make, I left in the dust before the first quarter was even over. I have yet to hear someone on New Year’s Eve say, “Let’s toast to my completion of last year’s New Year’s Resolution!”

I know, I know. After the holidays are over, it’s the time of year when there is less going on and it’s only natural at the start off the New Year to start thinking about how we can better ourselves and our lives in the upcoming year. But are New Year’s Resolutions really worth it? Do they, more often than not, get lost in the shuffle and eventually just make us feel bad for not accomplishing them?

It’s not New Year’s Eve, so why I am discussing New Year’s Resolutions?

Well, because today is my birthday and I want to put a new, positive spin on the old New Year’s Resolution!

Throughout the blogosphere, I’ve seen many posts on bloggers’ birthdays indicating what they want to accomplish in their next year ahead. Posts titled “25 things to do while I’m 25” or “30 things to do before turning 30” pop up just about everywhere.

I love these!

While, at first glance, most of these birthday posts look just like wishlists of things the bloggers want to do over the next year; they are really much more than that. The idea is to think about what you really want out of life. What do you want your daily life to look like? What do you want to accomplish or enjoy in the year that lies ahead?

So instead of resolutions {which are often vague to begin with and can make us feel bad if not completed}, I’ve created a list of things I want to do within the next year. The thought of these things makes me happy, not anxious. I’m going to post these elsewhere on the site and cross them off all year long. Feel free to join me!

This list includes fun things I want to do as well as personal and fitness goals. I quickly threw this together, so I’m sure more will end up on my bucket list later.

Here we go! In no particular order…

  • Do a Beer Run
    • There is one at the end of every summer right here in Minneapolis!
    • But there are also City Running Tours that include beer stops as well. I’ve been too chicken to try these out yet. I have a fear of being too slow to keep up with everyone.
    • These races and tours are supposed to be FUN, so I don’t want to do one alone. Won’t you join me!?
  • Do a Color Run
    • I just learned about these this year! I wasn’t available the date one came to Minneapolis, but I want to do one within the next year.
    • This is a fun run where participants wear white and are doused with color at different intervals on the route.
    • There are two companies that run them: The Color Run and Color Me Rad.
    • This is an un-timed fun run, so it’s another one I do not want to do alone!
    • I will go to another city if there isn’t one in Minnesota or the date doesn’t work for me next year. Let me know if you want to do it together. Let’s get a team going!
  • Complete a 5-mile race
    • I have this booked for October 20th.
    • I have no time I expect to beat, I just want to finish!
  • Incorporate weight-lifting into my fitness routine
    • This is in the works! I’ll post more about it in the coming weeks.
  • Run a 10k race
    • While my focus this winter is on HIIT and weight training, I still plan to run a 10k in spring.
    • Have a 10k race to recommend? My only requirement: I have got to know that I won’t come in last.
  • Take a trip abroad to a country I’ve never been
    • This rules out Provence and Sicily from this poll.
    • Sorry, we can only choose one international destination per year. Unless, of course, there’s any part of the world that wants to sponsor us and let us blog our way through our travels for tourism promotion! 😉
  • Use my Bahamas Cruise Gift Certificate
    • I earned a certificate for a cruise in the Bahamas doing Wine Tastings.
    • This is how Rob and I plan to get away this winter!
  • Reach my goal weight
    • This means losing approximately 35 to 40 more pounds within the next year.
    • I’ll have to ramp it up a bit since it took me a little over a year to lose 35.
  • Read more books.
    • Reading is one of my favorite things to do and over the past few years, I’ve forgotten that love.
    • I grew up reading a lot, so when I saw a 10-to-12-year-old boy sitting at a beauty salon waiting for his mon the other day reading an actual hardcover book instead of playing around on a Smartphone, I was reminded of it.
    • The reading of blogs, magazines, Facebook and surfing the web has replaced my reading of actual books.
    • “Read more books” is such a vague goal, so I need to quantify it somehow. Maybe:
      • Have a book with me at all times to read if I end up having to wait somewhere.
      • Read before bed five nights each week. {It really does help relax me before bed anyway!}
      • Commit to reading 12 books per year. That doesn’t sound like much. But really, I have let reading fall to the wayside. One book per month is realistic.
      • Join a Book Club, perhaps? But then, I couldn’t necessarily choose the books.
      • Suggestions?
  • Run around Lake Calhoun
    • It’s approximately a 5k.
    • I live in the Twin Cities metro area. There is absolutely no reason why I shouldn’t have taken advantage of this already.
    • Once I complete that, it’ll be easy to run the other nearby chain of lakes, too.
  • Run in Eau Claire, WI
    • UW-Eau Claire is my alma mater. I have fond memories of the place and I rarely get back there.
    • Inspired by Liz, I’d love to run past all of my favorite haunts and residences there.
    • Eau Claire is absolutely beautiful this time of year, especially when the leaves are falling.
  • Run the Challenge Obesity 5k in April
    • This is where it all began – my first 5k!
    • It’s the perfect race for beginners – not intimidating at all.
    • I want to encourage as many people as possible to join me!
    • Think you can’t run? Neither did I. Start the Couch to 5k program NOW!
  • Write more concise posts
    • Yeah, you know this is not a strong point of mine.
    • Starting next month, I’ll challenge myself to do one day a week under X number of words or choose one week per month where EVERY post is under X number of words.
    • “X” has yet to be determined. Ha!
  • Create a written bucket list
  • Organize Rob’s favorite recipes in one place
    • I want go-to meals on hand so I don’t have to think!
  • Do something {even a little something} for someone else – every single day
  • Organize Music
    • Would you believe that I have never owned an iPod?
    • I do have an iPhone now, but for music, I really only use Pandora.
    • I just bought my first few iTunes this year!
    • I want to get all of my old CDs uploaded and recycle them.
  • Put together a wedding and honeymoon album
    • Our Wedding and Honeymoon took place in 2010.
    • Just because we didn’t have a traditional wedding, doesn’t mean we don’t deserve a photobook of these memories!

Have you created a Bucket List?

If so, name one thing you plan to cross off within in the next year.

If you’d like to help me or join me in accomplishing/doing any of these fun things on my list, just let me know. It’s going to be another fantastic year!


My Positive Side to Running


Thanks to all of you for your support and responses to yesterday’s post. Don’t worry, I’m officially over my temper tantrum. Sometimes I forget to be grateful that I can run. I liked a phrase I overheard at the race on Sunday. Someone waiting in line to start waved to a friend and yelled,

“We’ll be wogging today!”

Too cute. Maybe that’s why I never think of myself as a runner. I’m never going that fast. I’m just putting one foot in front of the other, moving my limbs and allowing my lungs to just breathe. Sometimes I need to forget about what it is or what it isn’t. Sometimes I forget that I need to:

I want to enjoy it for what it is, what my body can do. So that is my plan. I also have a few things in the works regarding running over the coming weeks, so I hope you’ll follow along. Until then, I need to remember the positive side of running:

What is your favorite motivational quote?


Women Run the Cities 5k


One of the things that I think holds me accountable for running, or working out in general, is signing up for another race before I finish the next one. That way, I have to keep going.

This weekend, I participated in another Sunday race – the Women Run the Cities 10-mile and 5k. Of course, I ran the 5k. While waiting for the race to start, I asked my husband if next year I should do the 10-mile. I should have lost all my weight by then and hopefully this whole running thing would be easier. He looked at me like I was crazy.

The Night Before…

As this was another Sunday race, I had all day Saturday to keep myself busy and distracted so as not to think too much. And I think I did pretty well!

We were up late on Friday hosting a poker tournament. Saturday morning, I took Sophie in to get groomed and then went straight to a coffee shop to catch up on a little blogging.

My food for the day wasn’t exactly stellar. I did a lot of eating out:

Breakfast at The Buzz: Greek Egg Bowl {their portion sizes are actually perfect!} with a White Almond Mocha {skim milk, no whip} followed by a Depth Charge {black coffee with a shot of espresso} before I left.

We had a late lunch at Devil’s Advocate in downtown Minneapolis. I had three meatballs and some polenta and washed it down with a Lindeman’s Framboise Lambic and enjoyed a New Holland Dragon’s Milk for dessert – both on tap!

I didn’t snack all day, mostly because my meals were filling and I didn’t get hungry. So dinner, too, ended up being later: A Cantina Bowl. Don’t judge. Or do.

The biggest problem on Saturday, though, I think was that I didn’t really start to get water into my system until 5pm. DOH!

I went to bed early, following my usual night-before-race ritual of showering and applying lavender oil just before bed to help me sleep. I slept okay, but that 5:30 alarm did not make me too happy.

Race Day…

Breakfast included two pieces of peanut butter toast and a banana {aka “The Usual”}. Remembering how thirsty I was just before and during my last race, I filled up a big water bottle to take with me. The 5k race wasn’t until 8:30am anyway. It was very chilly out! And while I had intended to wear long sleeves for the first time in a race, at the last minute I grabbed a fleece and a scarf. I was glad I did!

It was suggested we take the light rail because there would be minimal parking. We left the house while it was still dark, stopping for our usual coffee on the way. We arrived pretty darn early. Who knew that the light rail ran that early on Sunday mornings? There was time to check out the vendors after I picked up my number and shirt.

Time passed very slowly and I’m thinking it felt that way because I was so cold. And I am planning to run a race in October and even thought about November? I’m a wuss. In any case, Starbucks was a sponsor, and I enjoyed another small coffee from their booth to keep myself warm. Don’t worry, I pounded my entire bottle of water, too {approximately four glasses worth}. That also meant that I had to use the bathroom an insane number of times!

The 10-mile runners started out first followed by the 1-mile run for girls. The 5k was supposed to start  at 8:30, so I shed my extra clothing and handed it to Rob. {However, this is the first race I’ve done that offered a bag check.}

Shivering pre-race…

Still, we didn’t end up starting the race until about 9am. I had to pee again I kept thinking, “I could have gone and been back already!”

I hadn’t anticipated it, but this ended up being a tough race for me.

I kept a decent pace throughout, but everything felt really difficult. My body felt heavy. My breathing didn’t feel very controlled. People who passed me were chatting as if they were just taking a stroll. The route was completely flat, so what was wrong? My mind was taking over:

Why is this so hard?

Why did you sign up for a 5-mile race when you can barely do this one?

How do you possibly think you can run the 10-mile race next year?

I had to do everything I could to push these thoughts out of my mind. It was 37 degrees at the start of the race, but by mile one, I felt like I could handled short sleeves. Still, I didn’t get too hot in my long sleeves by any means.

I still don’t understand why this is so hard for me? Isn’t it supposed to get easier? When all was said and done, this was the second fastest race I’ve run. Quit complaining, Carrie. My chip time:


I didn’t feel so great afterward. Maybe I pushed myself too hard? I walked away from the crowd. After Rob caught up with me {he’s always so great to find me rather than vice versa!}, I started to feel a bit better. We picked up all of the post-race snacks and any interesting vendor freebies and headed back to the light rail. Here’s a photo of all the grub that came home with me:

The Post-Race Grub

I started to drink the Muscle Milk while on the light rail and by the time we got back to our car, I wasn’t feeling very well. I was a little nauseous. I’m not sure if it was the Muscle Milk, dehydration or something else. By the time we made it home, all I could think about was a hot shower and a nap. That’s what I did. I woke up not feeling much better, even after eating a bit. In fact, I wasn’t feeling up to anything until about 3pm. How do I expect to run a further distance if I can barely handle a 5k?

I really need to get past that.

I ran a 5k.  I ran the entire time.  I finished:

Post-race with my first ever “Finisher Medal” – with a virtually non-existent Minnehaha Falls in the backdrop

And I did get my best-looking and best-fitting shirt so far:

The Goods: Women’s long sleeve tech shirt, finisher medal, clip on reflector

List of 5k results for my personal comparison:

  1. 38:54
  2. 38:20
  3. 38:40
  4. 36:08
  5. 38:27
  6. 37:44
  • The Event: 2012 Women Run the Cities 10-mile, 5k Run & Walk
  • The Location:  Minnehaha Park, Minneapolis, MN
  • The Date: September 23, 2012
  • Night Before Dinner: A Cantina Bowl
  • Pre-race Breakfast: “The Usual” – peanut butter toast and a banana
  • My Time: 37:44
  • The Weather: Chilly. 37 degrees pre-race, topping out at probably about 50 degrees by the end of the race.
  • General Feeling: Had no expectations, but it felt pretty difficult and I felt defeated mentally and physically during the run.
  • Uniqueness: A Woman-only race, rated by ESPN as the Top 5 race for women in the country.
  • Size: Sold out to 2700 participants including 10-mile runners, 5k runners and walkers and girls running the one-mile race.
  • The Goods: Women’s long sleeve tech shirt & finisher medal
  • The Grub: Muscle Milk, rolls, bananas, Pearson’s Nut Roll, Old Dutch Salt & Black Pepper Chips, Boom Chicka Pop Sea Salt popcorn by Angie’s Kettle Corn, Bite-sized Luna Bar, Fortune Cookie

Yes, I said Fortune Cookie.

Here was my fortune:

Was I smiling? I don’t know. But crossing the finish line, there’s pride in that.

My next race scheduled is a 5-miler. I’m going to run it very slowly. I don’t want to push it too hard like I did this time. I just want to finish.

In running or in life, how do change a negative mindset into a positive one?


Weight Loss Rewards and NSVs


It’s no secret that I’ve been wavering around the same 5 pounds all summer long. That’s not weight loss.

That’s maintenance.

My friend Terri and I reason that sometimes the struggle lies within the fact that there are so many events in the summer where we like to indulge in a few extra cocktails. 😉 I also believe it’s the spontaneity of such events that throws off my meal planning. I need to learn to improvise a bit better. I’m sure you can tell by my most recent restaurant posts that I haven’t been making the healthiest choices.

Despite all that, I’ve officially, finally reached 35 pounds in weight loss!

So it’s time to celebrate. I’m almost to the halfway mark. My goal is to lose, when all is said and done, 75 to 80 pounds.

So how do I celebrate?

With rewards!

At each 5-lb milestone, I treat myself to something {not food related}. Some may say that the weight loss in and of itself should be a reward. Why, yes it is! But there’s something about knowing that I’m working toward that next little reward that won’t take forever, that really helps. One step after another gets us to the finish line, right?

What kind of rewards?

An argument I’ve heard is that it’s just too expensive to reward yourself every time a goal is reached. It is hard to buy a new wardrobe if you are in the middle of your weight loss trek. Well, I’ve found some inexpensive ways to treat myself:

  • I bought Groupons for massages or pedicures for salons nearby in which the expiration dates were at a late enough date that I could accomplish a goal before redeeming. These were often more than half off! A $95 massage and foot scrub for $29? Hell yeah!
  • I held on to gift cards that I earned {more on that below} or received as gifts. I wouldn’t use them until I’d hit a milestone. Oftentimes gift cards don’t have expiration dates.
  • If there was something I was going to do for myself anyway {i.e. needed a pedicure}, I wouldn’t let myself do it until I hit a milestone!

Weight Loss Rewards

I reward myself for every 5 lbs I lost. When I get closer to my goal weight and it becomes more difficult, I will most likely do it for every two pounds.

Here are the specific rewards I’ve given myself:

  • 5 pounds lost – used a Groupon for a pedicure
  • 10 pounds – used a $50 Kohl’s gift card I received for Christmas
  • 15 pounds – used a Massage Envy gift card I received as a birthday gift
  • 20 pounds – bought myself a Polar Heart Rate Monitor. I had been wanting to buy one for a while. I tweeted my weight loss milestone and my intention to buy one and Polar gave me 30% off!
  • 25 pounds – bought more Feetures socks {cotton is rotten!} and sports bras with a Runner’s Gate Groupon
  • 30 pounds – used a Groupon for a hot stone massage. I had never had one before. It was great!
  • 35 pounds – used a $50 gift card that I earned through MyPoints {through taking surveys and such} for TJ Maxx*

So you can tell that I prefer pampering rewards as well as rewards that encourage me to keep working out!

Rewards for NSVs

It is just as important to reward yourself for you Non-Scale Victories (NSVs) as well!

One of my favorite ways to reward myself daily for working out is this simple:

  • If I work out, I get to use my wonderful smelling body wash when I shower afterward.
  • If I don’t workout that day, I have to use regular bar soap.
  • There’s something about thinking about lathering up in something sweet and/or floral-smelling that helps get me through a {or encourages me to} workout.
  • It’s a simple, but rewarding and pampering gesture to myself.

Here are some other NSVs I’ve celebrated:

  • My First 5k – I got a pedicure. I knew I needed one for our trip to Hawaii, so I delayed it until after I completed my 5k. This is an example of a reward in which it was something I was going to do anyway, but waited to do it until after I completed my goal.
  • My latest 5k PR – I used another Groupon to Runner’s Gate to get new running shoes!
  • My first ever 5-mile run – This wasn’t a race, but a big accomplishment for me! So I signed up for Birchbox to pamper myself every month.

Is weight loss a reward in itself?

Sometimes when we are just starting out, the scale matters most because we don’t see the progress quite yet. But eventually, it does become a reward in itself.

  • Things that made us winded in the past don’t as much anymore.
  • We feel more confident and have more energy to do things.
  • We accomplish things we never, ever thought we would. {Like running a mile.}
  • Clothes start to fit better and then we start to move down in sizes.

I experienced a significant NSV last weekend.

*I wasn’t very successful finding anything I really wanted with my TJ Maxx gift card that was supposed to be my reward for my 35 pound weight loss. I hate shopping and felt defeated that day, just as I had always felt when shopping for clothes. But I needed pants for my upcoming trip to Ireland. The ones from last season were way too baggy. So I decided, instead, to take my Kohl’s ad that rewarded me a 20% discount and $10 off a $50 purchase and put them to use. I combined those with a $10 gift card that I received from Kohl’s to reward me during my birthday month!

It was one of the best shopping experiences I can remember in years.

Lately, my race t-shirts I’ve chosen have been a little too baggy that they’ve turned into night shirts. So when I was picking out clothes to try on at Kohl’s, I picked all of them to be a size smaller than I would normally try on. I even picked out one shirt two sizes smaller just because I knew the fit of the style. Besides, it was a clearance item and they only had the one size.

Everything I tried on fit me except for one item!

I’ve never had that happen to me before. I usually go into the dressing room with ten pairs of jeans and am lucky if I come out with one pair to buy. You will never know what good of a mood I was in when I went home with a bag of new clothes… new clothes a size smaller.

That was a NSV that was rewarding in and of itself.

I’m looking forward to coming up with some great rewards for my next few milestones. Got any good ideas?

  • 40 pound weight loss (although fitting into the pants I wore the night I met my husband will be thrilling!)
  • My first 5-mile race (in October)
  • My first 10k (Spring)

How do you reward yourself when you accomplish a goal?


BarkBox – A Doggie Subscription Box


After Sophie Jean was so excited watching me open my second ever Love with Food box {her excitement is apparent in the photos.}, I jumped at the opportunity to try a Subscription Box for Dogs at half-price for six months!

Enrolling is simple:

  1. Choose your dog size
  2. Choose your plan (monthly, 6 months, 12 months)
  3. Get a BarkBox!

The arrival of The Box

Seriously, with their superpower doggie noses, both Benny and Sophie were sniffing this box like crazy. Sophie was climbing all over me with curly toes {read: excited toenails digging into me} and a sniffer that just wouldn’t quit.

I think they got as excited as I get over my Love with Food and Birchbox deliveries!

We opened the box to find this selection of goodies.

The Lineup: A closer look at the contents

It was after doggy dinner, so I started out by giving the pooches the sample of Whole Life Freeze-Dried Fresh Pure Chicken. They gobbled it up. But really, there isn’t much that they don’t gobble up. I’m just happy that this is a healthy snack made with just one ingredient: CHICKEN. It’s something I can feel good about giving my dogs. There was another Whole Life product in the box – a full-size bag of Organic Sweet Potato Dog TreatsAgain, just one ingredient. I’m sure the dogs will love these, too.

There were also three samples of Zukes Z-Bones Natural Edible Dental Chews. The flavors we received were:

  • Clean Carrot Crunch
  • Clean Apple Crisp
  • Clean Cherry Berry

Since they had already eaten dinner, it was time for dessert and teeth cleaning after all. I offered up the Apple Crisp and Cherry Berry to Sophie and she chose the cherry. {Yes, the spoiled dog got to choose.} Benny enjoyed the apple one.

Shaggy Sophie enjoying her Cherry Berry Dental Chew

But what really surprised me was how crazy Sophie was going over this chew toy the moment I picked it up:

West Paw Zogoflex Mini Hurley Chew Toy

This toy is eco-friendly, guaranteed to be indestructible, non-toxic and dishwasher safe. What’s more is that it floats! Our dogs love to swim, so it’ll be interesting to see if they’ll fetch it at the lake next summer.

Other items that arrived in the box include W.A.G. Bath Wipes for Dogs and a Barkworthies Angus Power Bar, a dog chew made with “grass-fed Angus Beef with no hormones, antibiotics, steroids or smoking agents”.

But what I really love is that each month BarkBox chooses a shelter to sponsor.

From their website:

There are approximately 7 million animals entering shelters every year and we’re dedicated to keeping them happy, healthy and safe until they find a new home. Each month you’ll hear about a shelter we’re sponsoring and how BarkBox is supporting their efforts. We’ll also make sure to tell you about our esteemed doggy product testers too!

Being that both Sophie and Benny are both rescue dogs, we’re happy to know that while the Barkbox starts at just $17 per month, a portion goes to help supporting a rescue group.

Interested in BarkBox? To learn more or get started, click here. I’ll be posting my the dogs’ goodies throughout my trial subscription.

What is your favorite pet product (treat or otherwise) and why?