Love with Food: Back in Skinny Jeans!


I received my Love with Food box yesterday! Because I knew it had shipped, I suspected that it was sitting in my mailbox. Knowing how much I love to tear these boxes open like it’s Christmas, I decided to do my run first. Of course, on my way back, I could bring in the mail and rip open the box, kind of like a reward.

And so it began…

This Month’s Theme:

Back in Skinny Jeans Noshables. These are all favorite picks of healthy-living blogger Stephanie Quilao. She’s also the author of the book Back in Skinny Jeans.

The Contents:

Contents & Descriptions

After sifting through the contents and drooling over the goodies, the first thing I ripped open was this:

Tropical Blend Crunch Dried Fruit

I had just finished a run and was waiting for my husband to get home because we were going out to dinner – surprise surprise! It was the perfect little snack before going out. Crunchy, but still has the sweetness of the fruit. There are no additives either. In fact, I just love their ingredients list!

Along with the tropical fruit:

Roasted Edamame Crunch Dried Snack

I’m saving this for Rob to try. He had his first edamame just a few weeks prior and loved it. {Say what?!}

Then there’s this:

Barney Butter Almond Butter

I’m sure you know what this will end up – in a Magic Smoothie!

And this little guy reminds me of my days in France!

Bonne Maman Muscat Grape Jelly

I do remember, on my first trip to France in high school, some peers getting up earlier than others just so they could make their way to the breakfast table to get the “good” flavors of jam and jelly. Even as a teenager, we were truly kids. I’ve never had the Muscat grape jelly, so this is exciting! Although, I thought Muscat was a white grape. {Remember, there are different varieties of grapes!} Maybe the Muscat de Hambourg grape is not?

Reading the insert, I learn that Bonne Maman also uses no additives. It’s originally a French company, though; so that doesn’t surprise me.

But then there’s this dilemma:

Almond Butter & Jelly: They put these two in the same box for a reason!

Hmmm… What’s a girl to do now?

For breakfast this morning, I tried:

San Franola Granola with Raisins

I was impressed that the granola had 10 grams or protein. I emptied it into a bowl and splashed a little unsweetened vanilla almond milk to make a cereal. Mmm… There was a flavor there that I recognized, but couldn’t quite place, so I checked the ingredients list: It was molasses! The subtle, unique sweetness brought me back to my days as a kid eating molasses cookies. I have never had granola like this before. I re-read the ingredients list. The composition looks pretty straight-forward to me! I know what all the ingredients are and can pronounce them – a great way to determine that your food is truly more natural and less processed.

Ingredients List: Oat bran, almonds, flaxseed, whey protein isolate, honey, rolled oats, raisins, molasses, water, expeller pressed non-GMO canola oil {this impresses me!}, psyllium husks, cinnamon, vanilla extract, maple extract, salt, stevia

I was excited to receive coffee this time. Hazelnut is one of my favorites!

Teeccino Herbal Coffee Sampler

Until I opened up the pack and realized there was more inside!

Entire Teeccino Cofffee Sampler!

What surprised me is that it isn’t coffee at all.  As you can read in the box contents list earlier in this post, this beverage is “Made from a blend of herbs, grains, fruits and nuts that are roasted and ground to brew and taste just like coffee, but without caffeine or acidity.” I’m going to throw the French Roast in the coffee pot this weekend and see if my husband notices. If I tell him what it really is, he’ll make up his mind that he doesn’t like it before he even tastes it. Unless he’s reading this post. In which case, he’ll tell me that it’s all mine. 😉

And lastly…

Balsamic Dressings

Balsamic can be a little overpowering for me, so I’m curious as to how these will taste in salads. But these are the perfect packs to tote with me to work for lunch! I just got some salad mix in my CSA box, so I’m actually going to try these in my lunchtime salads today and tomorrow.

I will tell you right now that I LOVE Love with Food. I haven’t even considered canceling. It’s just one of those things that is fun and easy. I haven’t been disappointed in anything I’ve received. Plus, I get to learn about food products that I may have not learned about before! Furthermore, proceeds go to feed hungry children. It’s only $10 per month + $2 shipping. How many snacks did I get out of that? Much more than $12 worth, for sure.

Trying new food products and helping hunger causes – that’s a win-win, right? Sign up for Love with Food!

What snack have you had that surprised you most? Why?

If you belong to Love with Food, what was your favorite treat this  month and why?



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  1. I got my first FWL box today! Very exciting. Hubs and I already eat the same brand jam but the strawberry version, so I’m super excited to try the grape. The only thing I’m not sure what to do with is the coffee to brew. I have a Keurig K-Cup machine, so I’m not sure how that’s going to work. I have a filter somewhere so I guess I better find it….. Very excited for my new eats!

  2. I got my first Love with Food box the other day and am slowly working through all the tasty treats! I really enjoyed the edamame, but I’m sure I’ll enjoy the jelly just because I love Bonne Maman.

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