Birchbox – September 2012: Fall Fashion


I have to admit that I had mixed feelings when I opened my first Birchbox. I was excited to open it. It felt like Christmas! The packaging was beautiful. I felt pampered.

But when I saw a razor, I was a little bummed. Really? A razor? I already had a razor I loved and used – a Gillette Venus. But I brushed it off and decided that I’d make one razor the razor that stays with my travel toiletries.

Then I actually used the Schick Hydro Silk Razor. I didn’t know a razor could glide so smoothly! {Geez, I sound like a commercial.} My Venus had done such a mighty fine job that I didn’t go in search of a new one. But the Schick is even better. I didn’t know that was possible. I love, Love, LOVE it and it has replaced my Venus. {Yes, the Venus took the backburner and is now stashed in my travel toiletries bag!} So if weren’t for the Schick Hydro Silk Razor arriving in my Birchbox last month, I would have never known about it. What a pleasant surprise. And the Whish Crave Pomegranate Shaving Cream that came with it, smelled so good, I almost wanted to eat it. {Okay, so really, I could have just smelled it for hours.}

So when this finally arrived in my mailbox on Saturday, I was all the more open-minded:

I was anxious because I had been hearing about everyone else receiving theirs. I felt like a kid running home and checking my mailbox every day! My husband thinks its funny that I’m getting excited over a box for which I pay just $10. But, hey, I would have found that Schick razor for about $10 in any drugstore. So the box really is a value.

Still, it’s not about the money or the value. For me, it’s about trying out new goodies that make me feel feminine and pampered. Someone picked out something they thought I’d like. Then they packaged it prettily for me. A girl needs that once in a while.

I opened it up to find this collection of goodies…

The theme this month was focused around fall fashion, including some favorite autumn beauty trends. The Fall Lookbook was supposed to mimic a mini-version of a fashion magazine with all the latest beauty trends for the season. But it was mostly an advertisement of products.

Descriptions of my Birchbox contents

I love getting the perfume samples and trying them out for a week. I really do. When I find one I fall in love with, I will surely buy it. So far, I’ve liked the scents, but one hasn’t wowed me yet.

What confused me this month was that I received two different brands of facial cleansers in this box. From a marketing standpoint, why would a company do that? I think we’d compare the products and choose one over the other. So no matter what, one company loses out, don’t you think? At my Wine Tastings, I usually don’t bring two wines of the same varietal. Otherwise, guests will compare them and pick a favorite. I’d rather showcase one Cabernet at one tasting and then another at the next.

I tried the WEI to Go Sleep Over Beauty Kit on Sunday morning. I didn’t find that the Real Clean Gelled Oil Cleanser in the kit had anything special about it. Then I applied the Ideal Skin Perfect Finish. That was fine, too, but nothing special. I have yet to try the Vasanti Brighten Up! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator. I’m sure I’ll compare the two.

I love the color of the Color Club Nail Polish! I am a chronic nail biter, so I don’t paint my fingernails. One day, I will learn. For now, the toes are the ones that get the color. But not many are lucky to see those babies in the winter. So I painted them on Sunday so that my toes will be extra pretty for those last few days of sandal weather before we hit fall.

So far, I’m loving Birchbox. I rarely go out and test out new beauty products and this is a great way for me to learn about them. Have you joined Birchbox yet? It’s just $10 with free shipping. Plus, you earn points for reviewing products and placing orders, too. Every 100 points can be redeemed for $10 in product. This is only my second box and I already have 110 points!

I’ve tried anything to cure my nail-biting tendencies.

If you are or know a former nail-biter, what was the cure that changed everything?



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  1. I am happy to see that you got that color of nail polish. I am worried I will end up with the yellow! I haven’t received my box yet 😦 But I already know what is in it, I found a way to cheat so it is taking the excitement away! (as soon as the box ships, you log in and select my box and you will see what is in your contents). Aren’t those twist bands to die for!

    • Oh! That is a cheat! Were you one of those people who unwrap your holiday gifts and rewrap them when no one is looking? 😉

      It’s torture not getting it when you see others already have!

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