GoBites – Do I need an intervention?


Okay, I just might need a subscription box intervention!

After my sign ups with Love with Food, Birchbox and Barkbox, you would thought that would have been enough.

However, I recently received a Plum District {Groupon-like} offer to get half-off on a GoBites subscription. I really did think twice about signing up for another box. But when I went back to the offer, it was SOLD OUT! Of course, this made me want to try it even more. I went to the GoBites website and found that they had a free-sample offer. I could receive four GoBites for free and only pay $4 shipping. {Normal delivery includes 14 GoBites for $28, shipping included.}

What an excellent way to give me a taste! I couldn’t pass up a $4 sample. {Note: it seems as if the sample offer is no longer available.} All I had to do was answer a few questions about my likes, dislikes, diet and lifestyle. This helps them decide which GoBites are for you. The concept is to offer nutritious, natural, portion-controlled between-meal snacks.

My GoBites were delivered quickly:

I opened the box to find an introductory pamphlet as well as a list of which GoBites I received. When there is food around, Benny likes to sneak into photos just like he did in this post and in this one. This time was no different:

Opening my GoBites box…

Included in the box were nutrition facts for each one of my GoBites. LOVE THIS!

GoBites Nutrition Facts

Then, the GoBites themselves:

Nicely packaged GoBites with ingredients written on each one.

Although I only received four GoBites, it took me a while to finish the box. I needed to find place in my day when I could allot the calories. I always try to use up perishable snacks first, so I could keep these longer. The size of the packages are very convenient to take with you:

GoBites Convenient Package Sizes

After having tried all of the GoBites in this sample pack, here are my thoughts on each one:

  • Antioxidant Mix – This was the first one I tried. It was a little strange in texture and flavor. The pieces were a little chewy. The dried pineapple pieces were quite yummy and the best part; but there were just a few big chunks. I would have liked more of them or just in smaller pieces. I think if they were smaller, they would be distributed better throughout the rest of the mix and maybe make the overall flavor better.
  • Forbidden Rice Mix – I loved this one! It was spicy and just what I had been expecting! Probably my favorite of the four.
  • Tropical Gluten Free Granola – I haven’t loved a lot of gluten-free knock-offs, so I was surprised to find how much I liked this one. It was coconutty and bit chewy, very different from anything I’ve had before. But I really enjoyed it!
  • Pineapple Coconut Mix – Of course, the pineapple in this was just as good as the stuff in the Antioxidant Mix, except there was more of it. YAY! However, the pieces were big again, making it difficult to get the pineapple and coconut in one bite. Once the pineapple was gone, I was left with coconut shavings, which aren’t that exciting by themselves. Smaller bites of pineapple would allow me enjoy it like trail mix, in smaller handfuls.

Overall, all of the GoBites were satisfyingly filling snacks that kept me going without wanting more. The GoBites company recommends eating two of their GoBites each day as in-between meal snacks. I can’t see myself doing that. I could see myself eating these from time to time, but I don’t think enough that I’d like to activate an actual subscription.

While I may need a subscription box intervention, the truth is that I like that I can try out each one and decide which ones I want to keep. The fact that most of them offer introductory deals makes that easy. Now they just have to win me over… šŸ˜‰

What is your favorite between-meal snack and why?



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