Bark Box – October 2012


Somehow, someway when the BarkBox arrives, my dogs know it’s for them.

Benny Bear patiently waiting for the opening of The Box

Sophie’s sniffer goes 1000 miles a minute trying to smell every nook, corner and cranny of the box that she can. She looks like she’s on crack for dogs as she paws at that box excitedly. She stops, looks at me and whines as if to say, “Momma! Why don’t you open it?!

Once opened, the sniffing and pawing continues:

Sophie Jean and her curiosity…

The letter inside is from Scout, BarkBox‘s resident Miniature Schnauzer. He tests all the products and blogs, too. I receive his newsletter in my inbox. Of course, I’m a dog lover, so I find these things endearing. If you’d like to sign up for the newsletter, you can here. It’s free.

Of course, the first thing to come out of the box are the treats. The Turkey Trail Blazin’ Bitz from the Feelgood Treat Company {not pictured} are the perfect-sized treat for my dogs. I can give them a few and not feel like I’m giving them too many. BarkBox states that they are “handmade from all natural and organic ingredients” and are “wheat, gluten and preservative-free.” A plus: My dogs loved them. And this wasn’t just a sample. It was a whole bag of treats!

Still, I love that not everything in the box is treats. Barkbox gives me my dogs an opportunity to try other canine products, including toys, such as this mustache:

Humunga Stache – a ball and mustache in one!

Huh?! This is kind of a strange toy. And while Benny Bear rarely plays anymore {he’s 16}, Sophie was just confused. Since there was a hole in the back of the mustache {where the ball is attached}, I broke up a treat and put it in there, hoping she would dig at it. Scout from BarkBox challenged us to a mustache photo and caption contest. We are to take photos of our pooches with the mustaches, caption them and upload them to their Facebook page. Here’s the best I could come up with and Sophie doesn’t even have it in her mouth! She truly does look like a possessed dog trying to get that stache away from me. You can even see her nails scratching for it!

How would you caption this photo?

Next up was a purple wool toy snake by Lollycadoodle. It is colorful, but Sophie would have nothing to do with it. She wasn’t afraid of it or anything like that. She just wasn’t interested. That may change after the novelty of the box dies down. She’s very random about which toys she takes out of her bucket to play with at any given time!

Something Benny desperately needs is this:

Tropiclean Clean Teeth Gel

The instructions state that to apply, all you need to do is squirt it directly on the dog’s teeth daily at first, then twice weekly for regular maintenance. “You’ll soon notice your pet licking their lips repeatedly. This is normal and helps the gel mix with the saliva and coat all surfaces of your pet’s teeth and gums.”

Sophie let me squirt her teeth with it and did lick them a bit. But Benny was not having it! It does have a minty-fresh smell to it just like human toothpaste. {I’m used to Sophie’s chicken-flavored doggy toothpaste, so was thrown a bit by this one.} This may be why Benny turned his head away when I put the bottle near him to squirt it into his mouth. It’s the same thing he does to me when I give him a kiss goodbye in the morning after I’ve brushed my teeth. Guess he’s not a fan of minty-fresh breath. Go figure.

Then there’s these:

Poopy Packs by Metro Paws

BarkBox describes these as fashionable. Wow, that takes poo to a whole new level. I’m not sure I need special colored, argyle bags to walk my dog and pick up the poo; but they do come packed nicely in a roll for easy portability. Regardless, they definitely will get used!

And lastly was the most educational part of the box for me: A Pet Prescription Discount Card. I never knew that you could get pet prescriptions at regular pharmacies including Walgreens and Target. With the card, I can save 10 to 75% on any pet prescriptions. Benny does have some arthritis and his current as-needed prescription is low. Sometimes vet prescription costs are high, so this gives us another option.

What I like about Barkbox:

  • We get to try pet products that we wouldn’t have known about otherwise every month.
  • I’m stocked up on treats!
  • My dogs love it.
  • It’s inexpensive and 10% of the profits go toward a different local pet shelter or rescue every month.
  • Both of our dogs are rescue does, so we always want to support this.
  • It’s easy!

How it works:

  1. Choose a dog size.
  2. Choose a subscription (1, 3, or 6 months)
  3. Your Barkbox will arrive at your doorstep each month that you’ve paid for it.

Do you think my dogs will notice if I wrap their December BarkBox and put it under the tree? I think I could get away with that one. I just might have to open it myself first to peak what’s inside…

If you have a pet, what is his or her favorite toy or treat?



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  1. I laughed at the poopy bags! I’m sure Freddie would LOVE a box of treats coming to the door every month! I might have to look into it.
    He’s not really into toys tough, he gets tired of them in about 5 min

  2. I received my barbox very, very late and had emailed barkbox about the issue several times. Alexa said she would make every effort to get a box to me, but kept going back on her word saying to wait another day, the entire weekend, then another several days (then sandy came so no box could be sent). Then to apologize she offers $5 credit which would force me into spending more of my money to purchase anything from barkbox.  Also, my dog could care less for the mustache, it was too big for him anyways and runs away when I open the breath freshener. He wont play with the wool toy and doesn’t care for the liver treat. This months box is a total waste, I would recommend pawalla. You’ll get much more value for your money. I do like the fact barkbox donates to dog shelters (giving back is very important to me) but their boxes have not been that great and the fact that customer service goes back on their own word is also upsetting. No, you did not try your best so don’t say that. 

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