The Beauty that is the Emerald Isle


For a country the size of Indiana, Ireland has a beautifully varied terrain.

How is it that I didn’t remember this from my first visit in 2000?

Of course I remembered the weather, especially the rain.


I remembered how that rain gave the rolling hills and vegetation such a lush green color.


I remembered the sheep dotting the landscapes and the stone fences.

Stone Fence

I remembered the cliffs with their drastic drops to the sea below.

Cliffs of Moher, COunty

Cliffs of Moher, County Clare

But how is it that I hadn’t remembered how diverse the landscapes were throughout the country? Maybe I just became fully aware of it this time around because we hired a personal driver. Ray drove us off the beaten path of normal tourist routes so we could discover his country in all its beauty.

There are waterfalls.


Glencar Waterfall, County Leitrim

There are forests.


Near Glencar Waterfall, County Leitrim

We drove around more lakes than I ever imagined Ireland would have.


Isle of Innisfree on Lough Gill, County Sligo

In the past, when I thought of Ireland’s bodies of water, I thought of the sea, not inland lakes!

Even the beaches varied near the shores of the sea.


Some were even sandy instead of rocky.


This sandy beach was hard and flat. I wanted to break out into a run!

There were even mountains.


View of he Derryveagh Mountains at Glenveagh Castle and National Park, County Donegal


Ben Bulben Mountain as seen from the cemetery where Yeats is buried, County Sligo

In short, it was beautiful.

My in-laws planned this trip with a travel agent so that we would have a private driver. I probably would have never done that nor have seen most of these places because of it. This post is dedicated to my mother-in-law, Joyce. It’s her birthday today! Happy Birthday! I am grateful that we could travel with you in such a beautiful country. Thank you.

What do you think is most beautiful about where you live?


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  1. Love all the scenery. Those cliffs are just amazing. That’s awesome that you had a personal driver, I’m sure your experience was better with him. Happy birthday to your mother-in-law! Most beautiful where I live? Maybe the fall when the trees turn colors. Just gorgeous, if only it lasted longer.

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