Somewhere Over the Rainbow


Yesterday, I shared with you some photos from our vacation to the beautiful Emerald Isle. However, one of the places that left me awestruck was Slieve League – a part of the Northwest Coast of Ireland with some of the highest cliffs in the country, almost three times as high as the Cliffs of Moher.

There were no signs pointing us to the location; but our driver, Ray, knew where to go. He drove around winding, narrow roads. So narrow, that if we encountered another vehicle coming from the other direction, one of us would have to pull over to make room for the other to pass. When we came to a large vehicle gate, we made Rob get out and unlatch it as Ray drove through. After Rob latched the gate behind us and hopped back into the van, we continued our ascent up the hill.

Before we knew it, this was before our eyes:

Slieve League, County Donegal

Slieve League, County Donegal

We wandered around in awe of the scenery before us. There were only a few other people there and no tourist shops. The place was almost deserted. I took in the view, letting the wind whip through my hair. For a moment, I was reminded of Hawaii. We were there earlier in the year and the coastline of Kuau’i was just as rugged.


Breathtaking, no?

And like Kuau’i, the water was an unreal blue that proved this area is virtually untouched.

crystal blue waters

Northwestern coast of Ireland

It started to rain a bit and out came a beautiful rainbow:


We arrived at a perfect time…

I followed the rainbow to the other end:


Somewhere over this rainbow…

Then I saw this path and had an extreme urge to climb:


I said to Ray, “Please wait for me for a bit. I’m going to look for the pot of gold at the end of that rainbow!” {Yeah, like he’s never heard that before.} Then I made my way up the stone path. When I turned around to look at the beauty before me, Rob took a photo of me:


I took one last look and took a few final photos:


Then I followed the path back down, where Rob was waiting.


What a majestic view. I felt at peace and just relaxed and happy. Some places will do that to us. I know we would have never been able to find Slieve League without Ray. I’m grateful he drove us and introduced us to so many parts of his beloved country.

We saw many more rainbows throughout our vacation, including this double rainbow:

dbl rainbow

So instead of letting a rainy day suck the life out of you, think of all the beauty that rain can bring. Somewhere over the rainbow, a world of green is waiting…

What’s your favorite thing about a rainy day?

What place has made you feel relaxed, peaceful and happy lately?


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  1. Breathtaking views, such a beautiful place. I like the idea that it’s been untouched and not really a tourist place. Favorite part of a rainy day, snuggling with my doggies and napping…lol! 🙂

  2. That scenery is stunning! I wouldn’t mind the rain if I always got rainbows when it was over. 😀

    I do love curling up with a good movie and my husband on a rainy day.

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