SBS: Love with Food – International Delights (Jan 2013)


This Subscription Box Saturday is one of my favorites!


January 2013 Love with Food box theme!

I love to travel and love trying new foods from around the world. It’s almost like this theme was made for me.

January 2013 Love with Food box contents

January 2013 Love with Food box contents


ITALY: I have never met a Biscotti I didn’t like, so that was a no-brainer Sunday morning coffee dunker!

COLOMBIA: Despite the “lightly salted” label, I expected the Plantain Chips to be sweet. Nothing too special there.

VENEZUELA: Do you know how excited I was to see this ChocoPod? I received one in a Birchbox of mine not too long ago. Then I used some Birchbox points to buy an assortment pack to share with my husband. My absolute favorite of the assortment pack was the Firecracker ChocoPod. I guess we were just meant to be together. 😉 You must try these Firecracker ones!

JAPAN: My husband swore these Tea Cookies were made of seaweed. Without the descriptions in the box, there was no way to know because the bag they came in was unmarked. When I received the list above in an email I forwarded it to him. His reply? “Common knowledge:  seaweed is composed of Black sesame & green tea.  *duh*”

FRANCE: The GoGo Squeez came in my October box, but I seriously didn’t mind getting it again. This is an excellent healthy snack on the go. And I had no idea they were made in France!

INDIA: I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like Chai. One night this week, I made this to help stave off a binge while I was lounging around waiting for my back to heal.

BELGIUM: I love chocolate, so those New Tree Chocolates were a treat for me! They were perfect for work. {I usually bring one dark chocolate with me to work each day to have with my coffee.} The flavors were unique and something extra special.

I adore my Love with Food boxes and look forward to trying new snacks each month. I can earn points for reviewing the products and use them to order my favorites. In addition, for each box that ships out each month, LWF donates a meal to a hungry child. This is a win-win in my book.

Looking back, here are my Love with Food boxes from 2012:

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What snack did you fall in love with while traveling abroad?


What is your favorite international snack?


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  1. These all sound yummy! I haven’t traveled enough internationally to have a favorite food/snack, but I tend to like chips/crackers etc. more since they are safer for someone with a nut allergy!

  2. Loved the Choco pods! I ordered some. 🙂 How do you compare the love with food vs the birch box? Just curious. Was thinking I might try the birch box too…

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