SBS: Elton Jumped Out of the Box!


This Subscription Box Saturday, I’m going to tell you the story Elton, who jumped out of my pooches’ January BarkBox.

As always, when the BarkBox arrives, Benny and Sophie are anxious for me to open it. This month, Sophie immediately dove into the box digging through and tried to steal the Barkworthies rawhide chew!


I made her put it back so I could take pictures of the contents.


But wait, the insert showed that four items should have arrived in the box that month, but we only received three. I immediately tweeted Barkbox:

The Response:

All the while, my pooches patiently waited to eat and play with the contents, despite #TheCaseofTheMissingOctopus. Sophie got a little anxious and looked to Bear for help.

As Sophie gnawed on the Barkworthies Rawhide curly chew {made of 100% beef with no bleaches or chemicals}, I tried stuffing the Ruff Dawg rubber toy with some of the Nootie Yumzies treats. He just wasn’t havin’ it. But they do thoroughly enjoy the Yumzies on their own! They are small, soft and chewy.

The next day, I emailed support:

JAN 24, 2013  |  08:24PM EST
Original message

Subject: TheCaseOfTheMissingOctopus
Carrie wrote:

Hello Barkbox:

My pooches love getting their box every month! Sophie tried to steal the Barkworthies chew right out of the box before I had it even opened all the way.Looking at the insert that comes in the box, I noticed that we did not receive Elton the Octopus. 😦 Can you please ship one our way?

Thank you very much.

Carrie (and Benny & Sophie)

The reply:

JAN 24, 2013  |  03:42AM EST
Lindsay replied:

Hi Carrie!
We are so glad to hear Benny and Sophie seem to be enjoying this months BarkBox….. But Elton must have escaped the box on the way. Oops! We told him to stay inside. 🙂 Don’t worry though we shall get you out a replacement Elton soon. Thank you for your patience.
Please let know if you need anything else, we are always here to help.
All the best, Lindsay
Too cute! No?
Elton arrived within about a week:
Elton the Octopus

Elton the Octopus

Isn’t he cute!? Although I love, Love, LOVE having our pooches try new products from Barkbox, I couldn’t imagine Sophie playing with a rope toy. She prefers the stuffed animal-style with a squeaker inside. I dropped it on the floor and she would have nothing to do with him. Then I read the tag that was attached to it {pictured above} that suggested dipping the legs in peanut butter, juice or broth and freezing to create the perfect chew toy. I also love that the maker, Jax and Bones, donates to pups in need.

I didn’t do the dipping that day, but later that night, I did see Sophie playing with him! She was cuddled up on a blanket chewing away. This surprised me the first time she enjoyed one of Barkbox‘s rope toys, but a second one? I’m astonished.

The next day, I did dip Elton’s legs in peanut butter and put him on the kitchen floor after I let the dogs out. I wanted to see which dog would show interest and find him first when I let them in. Of course, it was Sophie. The old man dog is a little slower these days.

In fact, Benny had to go in for surgery this past week. He’s had a polyp in his ear that he’s been scratching non-stop, which bleeds, creates infections and stinks horribly. He’s been in a tremendous amount of pain. He also ended having about six teeth pulled. He’s 16 and has never had any pulled, so this isn’t too uncommon. He did amazingly well, but has to wear the wonderful E-collar that dogs so love.

Sad bneny ber with his colloar

Sad Conehead Benny Bear

We are giving him lots of love, but we are also teasing him… telling him he looks so handsome in his bonnet, calling him Conehead and telling him that the party is over and she should take that lampshade off his head. 😉
Sometimes he even looks like a… (cue the Muppets):


Bear in Space!

Tell me about the best customer service experience you’ve ever had!



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  1. Huh, I love the hash tag #caseofthemissingoctopus! Poor pups. My daughter just had her dog spade, he’s a tiny dog – a Boston terrier, and when they put that color on her, she doesn’t know what to do so the dog just sits and doesn’t move. 😦

    I love when customer service works!

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