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April Foodie Penpal Reveal


When I’m assigned a Foodie Penpal, I always ask if my recipient has any dietary restrictions and/or allergies and if there is anything they typically love or hate. This month, I learned that the person for whom I was shopping, follows the Paleo lifestyle. It was fun for me to learn more about the practice. Furthermore, I’ve been following a few blogs lately written by Paleo followers and those giving Whole30 a try. I stole some of their favorites and ideas to send her. 😉 Check back tomorrow to see what I shipped!


The Foodie Penpal shipping to me this month, sent me a whole list of questions! I loved it so much that I may even send it to my Foodie Penpal next month:

Do you have any dietary restrictions?
Do you like to receive homemade goodies?
Is there anything you absolutely love or absolutely hate?
Do you prefer healthy or are you open to all kinds of stuff?
Are you a salty or sweet person?
Milk, dark or white chocolate?
Do you like spicy foods?
When it comes to new foods; do you like to play it safe or get crazy?
What is your favorite cocktail?
Coffee, tea or soda?
What is your favorite & least favorite cuisine?
Favorite Snacks?
Do you like to bake?
Whoa! Talk about thorough! My goodie box was courtesy of Alex in Iowa of Alex Tries It Out. And now I’m a huge fan of her blog. I mean, she reviews beers, for one. Be still my heart. Check out her IPA cupcake recipe!

Each Foodie Penpal box must include something written. Here’s a nice note from Alex, empathizing in the overabundance of snow we had here in MN so late in the season. 😉

You can probably guess how I answered her questions, when you see what she put in the box!

April Foodie Penpal Box

April Foodie Penpal Box from Alex!

Of course, all of the chocolate has been consumed! {Don’t worry, it wasn’t in one sitting. I’ve learned the art of enjoying a little bit of chocolate every day.}

I considered using the marinara sauce for dipping when I made my Award Winning Poker Meatballs. However, I got greedy and decided to keep it for myself. It is the local item she mentioned in the box. So I’m saving it for lata. Actually, the marinara sauce, turtle sundae coffee and Cheddar Popchips are the only items left. But, I’ve already divvied up the Popchips into single servings to enjoy in my lunches this week. I am a fan of Popchips. I am a fan of cheese. Win-win.

Thanks, Alex, for a fantastic box with such great variety. I felt like you knew me!


You, too, can become a Foodie Penpal. You don’t need to be a blogger. You don’t need to do it every month. All you have to do is sign up by the 5th of any month, contact your penpal within 48 hours and ship a package of goodies worth $15 by the 15th! So easy and so fun. Click here if you are interested.

Do you have a favorite canned or jarred tomato sauce?

If you make your own, feel free to share the recipe!