Paleo Penpal


Yesterday was Foodie Penpal Reveal Day. I posted on the tasty package full of goodies that I received. However, the gal to whom I shipped doesn’t have a blog, so I offered to have her post what she received.

Before shopping and shipping I always ask if my recipient has any dietary restrictions and/or allergies and if there is anything they typically love or hate. This month, I learned that Brissa is a follower of the Paleo lifestyle. It was fun for me to learn more about the practice! I’ve also been following a few blogs lately written by Paleo followers and those giving Whole30 a try. I stole some of their favorites and ideas to send her. 😉



My wonderful April Foodie Pen Pal was Carrie from

She wrote an awfully nice card with instructions on how to make some amazing spicy almonds!

In my goodie box I received: an assortment of teas, coconut milks (I am a Paleo lifestyler), organic tomatoes, some of her homemade spicy almonds, and coconut butter. Yum! I’ve been keeping my almonds in my tote and pop them out any time I need a snack! Thank you for this again, Carrie, it was thoughtful of you to learn something new for me in regards to Paleo! -Brissa ❤

Paleo PP


You are welcome, Brissa!

Readers, are any of you following a Whole30 or Paleo regimen?

If so, what is your favorite compliant food?


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  1. I love that name Brissa, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of it before?! The problem with Paleo is that it’s really hard to follow if you don’t plan really really well. My plan for May is to reduce carbs and up the ante on my workouts! 😀

  2. I don’t even know what Paleo is. I’ve heard it but, have no clue. It’s hard to keep all with all the new dietary words, etc.

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  4. I follow the paleo lifestyle. I have since January 1, 2013, for the most part, and don’t ever plan on going back to my old food habits. It does contain a lot of meal planning in order for it to work.

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