Charlotte Memories…


Because you can never capture an entire trip without writing a book, here are some images from the rest of our vacation in Charlotte last month…


Ever wonder how the city of Charlotte got its name? Well, now you know. (Click to enlarge.)


More Craft Beer


Southern Fast Food Breakfast. Hey, Southerners, do you prefer Bojangles..?

…or Chick-fil-A?

Chick-fil-A was the winner for me!

Chick-fil-A was the winner for me!


U.S. National Whitewater Center

A place for adventure sports and where American Whitewater Olympians come to train!

Shadow with her daddy

Shadow with her daddy πŸ™‚

Can you guess what game we were playing?

Can you guess what game we were playing?

And lastly, a little something from the trip that keeps me laughing:


I think that’s a nice note with which to end. Don’t you?

Β Where are you spending your next vacation?



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  1. Never been to Bojangles or Chick-fil-A, though I hear lots more good stuff about the latter. I would love to whitewater raft. I’ve never seen that game, how do you play it? The cat picture is too funny! Gosh, we haven’t went on vacation since 2005, we are long overdue!

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