Goodbye, Cravebox. R.I.P.


For this Subscription Box Saturday, I had a totally different post planned. But I received this email yesterday:


Do you know how sad I am? Of all the boxes I’ve subscribed to, Cravebox was my favorite. I felt like I was introduced to some of the best things I never would have known about otherwise. I could choose only the boxes I wanted. And they were soooo inexpensive for what I received. {Maybe that was part of the company’s demise?} I still needed to post about my last few boxes – Cooking Light, Girls Night In and Spring Cleaning.

Here’s a short recap of the themed boxes I chose through Cravebox:

And here are the boxes of which I had not yet written a review:

Girls Night In –  The $50 Naked Wines gift card also came in an Goodies Box unannounced. I will review that wine experience soon!


Cooking Light – The pasta isn’t gone yet, so I know I’ll be thinking of Cravebox each time I cook it…

photo 1

Spring Cleaning – I’m looking forward to trying out the Dry Cleaning Kit.


I received a second Cooking Light box, but cannot find a photo. I will tell you that the contents included two unique seasonings {which Cravebox encouraged the sharing of recipes and photos of dishes created with them}, coupons for three free boxes of Brown Rice Triscuits {very good, but not really any additional nutritional value}, cookies & biscuits, STASH tea {adore this tea and will be buying more!}, Zone Bars, artificial sweeteners, Pop Chip Tortilla Chips and additional coupons for other products.

I will miss Cravebox. It was a box where I knew I’d get items I’d actually use or at least try. As I mentioned, I’ve found some of my favorite products through these boxes, too.

Whenever a restaurant closes, a product goes off the market or a TV show is cancelled, Rob always says it’s because we loved it. This is one of those instances.

R.I.P. Cravebox.

It was fun while it lasted!

Is there something that has closed or been discontinued that you miss?



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  1. Oh that’s too bad, I know you enjoyed them. The only thing that comes to my mind was they stopped making a pool part (that I have needed for two years) and now they just brought it back…yay!!!

  2. Hey lady!

    1. I am so sorry they went out of business – it’s such a bummer when the things you love disappear.

    2. I just wanted to drop you a line and say Happy Summer! Your comments make my day, and I so love keeping tabs on what you are up to (despite my failings as a commenter).


    • I tried to look it up, but I haven’t found anything. I don’t know if they purchased all of the samples (some were full-sized) and just sold them too cheaply?

      I would have thought that some of the items were supplied for marketing purposes.

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