Doggie Boxes – Take Two


Subscription Box Saturday – Doggie Box Edition

Last month, I did an extensive comparison of BarkBox vs. Pawalla. I received a deal for a one-month trial of the Deluxe Pawalla Box for Sophie & Benny {over 8+ years} and three months of the Mini Pawalla Box for Shamrock. Although, I don’t really think inputting the dogs’ ages matters. Still, my pooches continue to go crazy every time a box arrives. It’s hard to keep them still!

Sophie and Shamrock

I have no clue where Benny was! He usually loves to photo bomb.

This month’s BarkBox included:


Grillicious Dog Treats, Bocce’s Bakery Green Juice Treats, Barkworthies Natual Dog Chews, Orbee-Tuff Produce Raspberry Toy with Treat Spot

The treats always go over well. And usually, Sophie tries to take the Barkworthies out of the box before I even get the tag off of it! Sophie and Sham spent the next couple of hours chomping away at those. But they would have nothing to do with the raspberry toy. In fact, I’m not really sure where it is right now. I may have to put some treats in it to keep The Bugaboo (aka Shamrock) occupied. He still is full of puppy energy at seven months.

This month’s Pawalla Mini Box included:


Dynamo dog Functional Treats – Pumpkin & Ginger (Tummy), Dudley the Dog Balloon Toy, Pure Life 4 Pets Vitamin Oil & Fur-Zoff Pet Hair Remover

The two favorites:

The “balloon” toy is a rubber squeaky toy that Sophie loves to roll all over and Shamrock loves to chew. And I haven’t found treats that the pooches have turned their noses up to yet.

Then, I forgot that when I signed up for the one-month Deluxe Box that they would auto renew it. So I paid the full $29 for it. {FYI: Not worth it.}

This month’s Pawalla Deluxe Box included:


Red Barn Lamb-Baa-Da Wet Food, Red Barn Stewy Louie Wet Food, Dynamo Dog Functional Dog Treats – Salmon (Skin & Coat), Dynamo Functional Dog Treats – Pumpkin & Ginger (Tummy), Baxter the Bull Balloon Toy, Pet Head Dry Clean Shampoo

We have been using the wet food for Benny. At 17 years old and having several teeth extracted as of late, it’s just easier for him to eat. But I don’t know if we’ll use the “shampoo”. So $29 for this box? Not for me. We have one more month of Pawalla Mini. Then I am going to cancel. While the dogs have loved the toys and I’ve obviously fed them the treats and food, we haven’t yet used the other products. And being able to use them is one of my key rules in subscribing for any box. For the cost, I don’t think that this box is worth it for us. This month, BarkBox won out.

Want more information on the differences and comparison of the BarkBox versus the Pawalla Box? Click Here.

If you have pets, what are their favorite treats and toys and why?




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