Torrontés – The White for Everyone


It’s no secret that I’ve been into craft beers much more than wine lately. I’m actually sipping one – the Indeed LSD Honey Ale {more on that in another post!} – while I write this Wine Wednesday post. And while I tend to be more of a red wine drinker, occasionally a white wine comes along that makes my palate sing! Such happened the first time I tried a Torrontés.

Torrontés is a white grape grown in Argentina. Over the years, The Traveling Vineyard has carried one every now and again. But it’s still little known to the general wine-drinking population in the U.S. It’s a wine, though, that I like to describe as The White Wine for Everyone.


Torrontés served in my Connoisseur’s Club glass that I earned through The Traveling Vineyard

At Wine Tastings where I’ve brought this varietal, I’ve had red wine, white wine and sweet wine drinkers alike go crazy over this wine. It’s probably because it’s so versatile. Although it’s not technically a dessert wine, it’s got floral aromas with a fruitiness that can be perceived as sweet. It pairs well with spices, Asian foods, guacamole and smoked meats. What’s more is that I’ve discovered that it can sometimes work well with a lemon cookie or meringue pie! Click here for a lemon trifle recipe given to me by one of my tasting guests.

A bonus pairing recently discovered by a fellow consultant: lemon scones. Can we say Brunch Wine, anyone?!

It’s the perfect wine for summer, especially for those who typically drink reds, but who really would like to have a favorite white as a sipping thirst quencher during the heat. Additionally, Torrontés isn’t always so easy to find. The Traveling Vineyard gets theirs in small quantities from smaller vineyards. Once it’s gone it’s gone!

Kesari Argentine Torrontés - The Traveling Vineyard

Kesari Argentine Torrontés – $15.99 from The Traveling Vineyard

Tip: Don’t serve Torrontés {or any white wine for that matter} too cold. It should not be served straight from the fridge. Take it out and let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes before serving. Or, alternatively, slide one of these wine chillers on to your room temperature white to cool it down. Drinking a white wine too cold will mask the flavors!

What’s your summer wine or beverage of choice?



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  1. Oh, I’ll have to look for that Carrie. I love to do white wine spritzers – chablis with lime seltzer tastes just like a Bartles & James to me – and I drink less wine that way! 😀

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