Back to the Cafeteria {Now Closed}


A Groupon {or other daily deal} brought us back to the Uptown Cafeteria. I bought it because I knew I wanted to go back and get the Tuna Melt of Tuna Melts. It’s on my Best of the Twin Cities list!

However, I completely forgot how good this entire menu looks. I found myself torn because what I Really Wanted that day was a burger. The Turkey Burger sounded sooooo good to me. But whenever I order a turkey burger at a restaurant, I am always disappointed. Then, after said disappointment, Rob likes to ask when I have ever liked a turkey burger while dining out. Point.

But the description of this one kept speaking to me – it was a Green Chile Turkey Burger. So I asked our bartender/server for advice. “I really love the Tuna Melt here, but I’m torn tonight. That Turkey Burger looks so good! What do you think?”

Nine times out of ten your server will a) give you an honest answer and b) have good taste. This bartender, without hesitation, told me to go for the Turkey Burger.

And I’m so happy I did!

reen Chile Turkey Burger11.00 muenster cheese, avocado, green chilies

Green Chile Turkey Burger – $11.00
muenster cheese, avocado, green chilies

I chose cottage cheese as my side for a little extra added protein. {I ate a few tots off of Rob’s plate, too!} I used about half of the onion. After the first messy bite, I discarded half of the bun and ended up eating the rest with a fork and knife. This was soooo good! Look closely at the meat – it was well-seasoned with herbs. And those green chiles were just what I wanted.

Rob, took the challenge and tried the Best F#@!-ing Burger EVER. {They call it the “F Burger” when they bring it to your table.} And although he enjoyed the burger, it wasn’t good enough to make his Top 10 Twin Cities Burgers list.

Best F#@!-ing Burger EVER15.00 velveeta stuffed and topped with pepperjack cheese, bacon, short-rib, fried egg and horseradish sauce

Best F#@!-ing Burger EVER – $15.00
velveeta stuffed and topped with pepperjack cheese, bacon, short-rib, fried egg and horseradish sauce

I need to remember that when Uptown that this is a place to return. I haven’t been disappointed with the food and am anxious to try other menu items. It’s comfort food with flavor. No brainer for me!

Tip: Happy Hour in the bar area lasts one hour longer than Happy Hour on the rooftop!

It’s burger season. What are your favorite burger toppings?



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