Treats, Treats and More Treats!


Subscription Box Saturday: Doggie Box Edition

This was the last month of receiving the discounted trial Mini Pawalla Box. I’ve compared it with BarkBox in this post and this post.

June’s Pawalla Mini Box included:

Doggie-PawallaWigzi Stuff n’ Crunch Crunchy Baked Treats – Since these are “natural”, I was sure to use them up right away. Our pooches loved ’em.

Fetch & Glow, jr. – I don’t understand why this ball is marked “small”. We got some in a BarkBox a while back that are smaller and are also marked “small”. Our dogs aren’t into balls (and this one is a little too big for our pooches), but we might give them a try when the pups go swimming. These balls are supposed to float!

Push Clean Pet Towelettes – I can’t really understand these. They are like babywipes, but each wipe has its own individual container. What a waste! And I’m not really sure what the purpose is. I am guessing it is to wipe off your pet, but could they be used for cleaning up puppy messes, too? It states nothing of the sort on the package. The box just describes why its important to use bamboo (of what this product is made) in three different languages.

YoPup Happy Belly Probiotic Treats – How cute are these? They smell good and the doggies love ’em.

Doggie-Pawalla Biscuits~

June’s BarkBox included:

Doggie-BB Contents

The folks at BarkBox had a theme in mind this month. Can you figure it out?!

Butcher Shoppe Smoked Beef Dog Bone – These are the kind you’d get from a butcher, but they’re cut up into small pieces. Although the package states that they should only be given to dogs under 25 lbs, I’m still nervous to give them to my pooches. I know I could if I supervise, but they still seem a little small. There are about 5 or 6 pieces in that package. I’m sure they’d love ’em though.

Tail Mix Grilled Sirloin Burger Dog Treats –  They are treats, so of course, they loved ’em.

Puptato Chips – Sweet potato flavor – Okay, so despite the fact that Shamrock is removing these from the box himself in the photo below does not mean that they loved ’em. In fact, whenever I’d give Sophie or Shamrock a Puptato Chip after going outside, they’d spit it out and look up at me as if to say, “You are kidding right? What else you got?” And when I walk away, they eat them reluctantly. Perhaps they are spoiled by the Human Potato Chips daddy gives them!

Doggie-BB PuptatoBowser Beer – You can’t have potato chips without a little beer, right? Don’t worry, this isn’t real beer. It’s a beef-flavored broth that you can use as a topper to dog food. While it hasn’t been used yet, it’s going to be perfect for Benny. He’s 17 years old and is at the point where we need to water down his food to chew it.

Doggie-BB Bowser Beer

Calm K9 Nutri-Wafers – What the heck are these?

Doggie-BB K9Calm

Sophie is afraid of thunderstorms and I feel like a mother with an infant when we have overnight storms. I get very little sleep and nothing can be done to console her. She crawls under the bed and whines and cries until all thunder, wind and lightning is gone. One night during a thunderstorm, I pulled these out. I know I didn’t give them to her an hour before, but feeding her little pieces off of a couple of these kept her occupied for a while. Treats seem to be a good distraction, but it doesn’t offer me any more sleep! We’ve just started using the Calming Collar we received in the Dog Lovers Cravebox. It seems to be working, but we haven’t had any intense storms since. If that doesn’t work, a Thundershirt may be in order!

Yes, if you haven’t guessed yet, June’s BarkBox got us ready for the 4th of July! Chips, beer, burgers, meat & treats to calm during fireworks were all wrapped up in this package. Although Sophie and Shamrock were sad that this month’s BarkBox didn’t come with a toy, it was a clever theme.

Overall, the winner between this three-month doggie box battle is BarkBox! It rarely disappoints and we are so stocked on treats that I never have to buy any myself.

While we will not be renewing Pawalla, it was fun to give it a try. We’d love to try other doggie boxes out there. {There are quite a few!} However, we always like to wait for a deal or an offer to test it out.

If you have pets, how do you calm them during storms or fireworks?


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