LOST 23k- Pearl


I’ve already completed the first four stations of the Get LOST in Running Race Series, but instead of running, I’ve completed them according to my walking plan. Once I complete the entire series, I’m going to begin the Couch to 5k to slowly get back into running again as recommended by my doctor.

If you’d like to know more about how I accomplished the previous stations, click the following:

Station 1 – the Arrow 4k and Station 2 – the Hydra 8k

Station 3 – the Swan 15k

Station 4 – the Flame 16k

And now…

Station 5 – the Pearl 23k

Here are a few things I’ve liked about this series:

  • The distances of each race were determined by the numbers that reoccur in the TV series LOST.
  • The Stations are named after Dharma Intiative Stations in the TV series.
  • There are no specific dates for the virtual races.
  • In keeping with the LOST theme, races should be run on trails or the beach. However, if this is not possible, the roads or a treadmill work just as well.
  • The races can be run, walked or even crawled, if they must!
  • Medals are distributed to those who register and complete each station.
  • A special series medal is offered to all of those who complete the series.
  • As the distances get bigger, they can be split in any way you would like and then combined.

For the Pearl Station 23k, I elected to break the distance up and use the total distance as a goal I wanted to complete before going on vacation. We all know that vacation is a a wonderful release, but that week before can be hectic trying to plan and get ready!

Here is how it went…

Mon 6/17: – 5k – 50:20

photo 2Notes: This was my normal 5k route. The RunKeeper was pretty accurate, but I’ll just count this one as an even 5k.


Wed 6/19 – 2.7 k -43.50

23kWedNotes: This one was a leisurely walk with a friend and our dogs.Yes, there is a discrepancy here. My GPS of my RunKeeper was not accurate. I mapped it when I got home and came up with the 2.7km.


Thurs 6/20 am walk- 1.28k – 12:41

23kNotes: At this point, I told myself that I needed to get serious. If I was actually going to split up the distances to make 23k, I not only had to try to get every little bit in whenever possible, but I’d also have to really push myself walking these things. No more leisure walks!


Thurs 6/20 pm walk – 5k – 47:42

photo 1Notes: Yes, I walked twice this day! This was my normal measured 5k route. Remember post-surgery when it took me about an hour to walk a 5k? I’ve come a long way!


Sun 6/23 – 5.15k – 56:15

photo 3Notes: This was my attempt to walk some nice trails that I hadn’t before. Boy were they hilly!


Tues 6/25 – 5.90k – 52:40

photo 4Notes: My final walk completed the 23k within 10 days. Workout challenge pre-vacation completed!


Total Distance: 25.03km

Total Time: 2:23:28

Pearl Station 23k


Next up is the big finish – Station 6: the Orchid 43k!

How do you stay on track with workouts before vacation?



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