When Food Tastes Better…


New Beaverton Tavern Menu updated (as of May 2016) in another post! Click HERE.


This week, I’ll be finishing up the last of my posts on our trip to Michigan. Here’s something I learned:

Food tastes better and is more appreciated and savored after a HARD workout.

It was mid-July and I wasn’t quite back into running. Yet, I still knew that I needed to get some sort of exercise. This was when I was working on my LOST 42K virtual race. During that time, I did some longer walks than I had done probably in the past year. But on both occasions, two meals that I loved last year didn’t please me much. In fact, I was somewhat disappointed. 😦

First up, the nachos and puerco flautas at the Beaverton Tavern this year were good, but didn’t leave my taste buds as satisfied as they usually do – even after a 7.65k power walk around the lake and back. I still think I will get them again next time. Maybe things were just “off” for me that day.

As an aside, I need to post their menu, in case you are looking for it. If you aren’t, check the interesting variety of food at this place! {Or just feel free to scroll down past them.}

First is the Menu found in the Gladwin Buyers Guide.

And now some photos of the menu from the dimly lit bar. You can click on the photo of each menu to enlarge them.

Apostrophe Pet Peeve

Apostrophe Pet Peeve

Have you ever had South of the Border Spaghetti?

Have you ever had South of the Border Spaghetti?


Pizza or Dessert?


Later in the trip, when we dined at Castaways in Bay City I knew that I wanted the Island Burger because I adored it so last year. But again, I just wasn’t thrilled nor satisfied. I am almost 100% positive that it was the fact that last year I ran 3+ miles in 95-degree heat beforehand. This year, I was still out of commission from running and I just took the dogs for a walk. It wasn’t a very long one. Sham continues to be a little difficult on a leash. I didn’t work up a sweat at all. It was a bummer.

So was my burger.

It’s amazing how much running can do for you mentally. During a run, I’m fighting with myself most of the time. After a run, I feel incredible, lighter and happier. And later, when I’m up to eating, it makes food even more pleasurable.

One thing that I’ve discovered is that working out is the true form of relaxation. Why? I wouldn’t say the working out itself is particularly relaxing. However, the relaxation part is how you feel afterward. There’s a sense of accomplishment. Afterward, you can sit on your butt if you want to and just watch TV or read or do anything you want…


You aren’t relaxing at all if you just come home and “relax” because you think you deserve to do so. Instead, you’ll feel guilty for all the stuff you aren’t doing, like the workout you promised yourself or the mess you’ve meant to clean up. And you’d probably have the energy to do that cleaning after you’ve worked out, too.

Have you noticed you enjoy food more when you’ve worked out?

What is your definition of true relaxation?



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