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We are back from vacation and I’m ready for a detox. After a beautiful wedding in Pasadena, a night in Beverly Hills, and a few days tasting wine {& beer!} in Temecula Wine Country, my body is craving anything and everything healthy. Vegetables. Fruits. Protein. Exercise. Water.

So here goes for this week…



  • Dinners
  • Breakfasts –
    • Peanut Butter Toast
    • Protein Granola with Milk
  • Lunches
    • Buffalo Chicken Salad with crackers + pear or applesauce + Laughing Cow-stuffed mini peppers + Chobani yogurt
    • Caprese Salad + pear or applesauce + Laughing Cow-stuffed mini peppers + Chobani yogurt
    • Leftovers


  • Monday – Walk on Treadmill
  • Tuesday – Pilates
  • Wednesday – Walk/Run on Treadmill
  • Thursday – Elliptical in am
  • Friday – Elliptical in am
  • Saturday – Walk
  • Sunday – Pilates
  • 30-day Arm Challenge

So that is what’s in store this week. Don’t worry, you’ll get to hear about our trip and tips for L.A. / Temecula Wine Country over the next week and a half. It won’t exactly be in order, but that’s okay! 😉

What helps you “re-set” after vacation?



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  1. Welcome back! I feel every Monday is like a detox for me lately – I ate a bit of cheese and drank some wine over the weekend!

    I’ve put the wine away for the week – water and decaf tea will be only beverages (well, and my morning coffee – can’t live without that!)

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