An Apology: It’s Pumking not PumpKing


I feel like an idiot.

I thought Rob told me that I was spelling Pumking wrong. I thought he told me that I was leaving out the second “p” in the word in my recent posts and that I needed to add it. When I posted on Tuesday, I made sure to add that “p” so as not to disrespect one of my favorite fall/seasonal beers!

But I was wrong. He was telling me the opposite.

How could I be wrong? After all, I did spell it correctly here and here. Right?

But then I spelled it incorrectly here, here and then not only in the post, but also in the title: here.

Talk about inconsistent.

Southern Tier Pumking Ale

Southern Tier Pumking Ale

This beautiful, delectable fall beer is called Pumking, NOT Pumpking and I need to show it some respect. How dare I spell it incorrectly and then insist that you try to find this beer only to be lost… Or maybe you even found a knockoff that doesn’t even begin to showcase what this beer is all about! YIKES!

You know what’s funny?

It’s about this time of year that I start getting annoyed with all the pumpkin-flavored this and pumpkin-flavored that ads and blog posts. Enough pumpkin already!

But really, I don’t mind pumpkin. In fact, I actually really do like it. I don’t even know why I get annoyed by all the pumpkin-ing this time of year. Maybe I’m just bombarded by it. It’s overkill. Despite this, I have a Pinterest board of recipes labeled “Stupid Pumpkin Bandwagon.” Talk about contradictory.

So the fact that I keep jamming this beer down your throat is a bit hilarious, really.

I have not gone back to fix those mistakes in previous posts because I’m woman enough to own up to them. And I need to give Southern Tier’s Pumking another day in the limelight for my mistake…

It’s excellent in the bottle, but even better on tap.  And it’s probably on my list of Top 10 beers of all time. If Pumking’s on tap, I’m never gonna turn it down. So if you haven’t tried it yet, well, you better – before it’s gone. The season is almost over. GO SEEK IT OUT NOW!

Have you enjoyed a Southern Tier Pumking before?

If not, what’s holding you back!?

What’s your favorite pumpkin-flavored dish/meal/snack/goodie/beverage?



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