We Love You, South Coast Winery!


Happy Wine Wednesday!

We signed up for the South Coast Winery Wine Club when we were in Temecula last month. The Reds Club that we joined is a quarterly subscription where you receive three bottles each quarter and are charged at the wine club rate.

We took our first shipment home with us that day because why pay for the shipping when we are masters at packing a few bottles of wine in our luggage!? {Well, that’s for another post.}

Yesterday, we received our first quarterly shipment which we are lucky enough to have delivered to friends who can sign for us. We were on our way out the door, so I tore open the box to grab the insert so I could read about the wines we received over dinner.

When we returned home, Rob unpacked the bottles from the box.

“Babe, didn’t we join the three-bottle reds club?”


“Well, we got four bottles!”

“They don’t have a four-bottle club… I. Don’t. Think.”

But sure enough, in our very first wine club shipment, South Coast included a fourth bottle.


Comparing with our Tasting Notes insert, the only bottle not listed is this one:

SC Members ExclusiveIt’s a “Members Exclusive” wine with a nice “Season’s Greetings” label. Sure, it looks like a NV (non-vintage) Syrah. But it was an extra, unexpected bottle that makes us feel special. And it’s uniquely from Temecula!

Thank you, South Coast!

What’s something unexpected you’ve received recently?



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