What a Diifference a Year… or Ten Makes


This was the first day of NaBloPoMo that I was a bit stuck on what to write. I do have many posts in the works, but the timing just isn’t right for most of them.

Then I read a writing prompt somewhere that asked, “What you were doing ten years ago? Or even just a year ago?”

November 17, 2012

Well, last year on this date, I participated in the last 5k that I actually…


I have tried to come back to running, but every time my back starts to show any signs of pain again, I back off. I’m really sad about not running. I want to do it again. It helped me to lose nearly 35 lbs; but since back surgery, I gained nearly 15 back. I have to quit complaining about not running. I still have legs and I can walk. I need to get excited about a walking program. It won’t get the same type of high or sense of accomplishment; but this is my reality now. Maybe if I get some more of the weight back off of my body, it’ll be easier to run again.


November 17, 2003

Then, I thought about what I was doing ten years ago. I was living in Minnesota much not more than a year. I had just started dating Rob only a month and a half before. I had attended my first Traveling Vineyard Wine Tasting. Little did I know, that in exactly one month, I would become a consultant and my world of wine and knowledge of it would be heightened beyond my imagination!

Then, I found an old email that I sent Rob on November 17, 2003.

And it’s funny to learn that at this point, we’ve done everything on the list except one. If I’ve posted about them on this blog, I’ve linked to them. I’ve made some notes, too!

Here are only the twenty of the things I’m looking forward to doing with my HoneyBear:

1. Meet his friends in Seattle.
2. Drive him around Green Bay and show him where I grew up.
3. Go to Michigan to meet his family and see where he grew up.
4. Join him while he reminisces his college days in Ann Arbor.
5. Spend time with him in Pensacola, Florida. {We actually were married there!}
6. Show him all the delights of Paris.
7. Travel somewhere with him where neither of us have been. {The first time was on our Honeymoon on the Amalfi Coast in Italy.}
9. Take a bike ride in the countryside… Either in Ireland, Provence or Tuscany. {How could I have known that he’d propose in Tuscany?! We’ve also been to Ireland now, though the bike ride hasn’t happened. But who’s complaining?!}
10. Go to a movie with him!
11. Go shopping with him.
12. Travel around Ireland with him, showing him my favorite places and discovering new ones.
13. Go to a University of Michigan football game.
14. Take him to a Packer game.
16. Make fondue for him.
17. Tour a winery with him.
18. Play cribbage with him. {I used to win often. He beats me 9 times out of 10 now.}
19. Learn to play Hearts from him.
20. Visit a microbrewery/brewpub with him.

Some thoughts about that email?

  • Boy how young, silly and giddy I sound having only have started dating him early that October. It’s a little embarrassing, yet refreshing.
  • I skipped #15. What?!
  • I haven’t called him HoneyBear in years. That pet name fell off the map, but we still call each other “baby” more than anything else.
  • I love football and would love to see a game in the Big House. That’s the one thing on this list we haven’t done together!
  • I now understand the Law of Attraction. Intention is everything.

Have you ever reflected on silly wishlists in your life?

What has come true?

Make a Top 10 or 20 Wishlist RIGHT NOW…

Email it to yourself or ask a friend to mail it to you next Christmas and see what happens.


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