Extended Birthday?


Today’s my HoneyBear‘s birthday!

Birthday Cake

This year, he won’t be won’t be thrown a surprise birthday nor receive 40 individually wrapped gifts like last year. But he still has it made!

Rob’s Extended Birthday Celebration…

  • Last year, he had the day off because his big day was on Thanksgiving. This year he still has his birthday off today because it’s his “off” Friday from work.
  • Thursday night, his co-workers planned a trip down to Fulton Brewery. {More on that next week!} It wasn’t for his birthday, but what a fun way to start his birthday weekend!
  • Tonight, we’ll be spending A Night with Mark Twain {a play he picked out!} and having a quick happy hour dinner beforehand.
  • Saturday night is when we’ll go out for his true birthday dinner per our tradition. But you’ll have to come back next week to find out where he picked!
  • There may be an Ale Fest mixed in there, too. This is something we did ten years ago when we first met and Rob was teaching me about beer. While we do enjoy good beers from time to time, we haven’t done anything like this since. It’s another way to celebrate ten years together.
  • Sunday – Packers vs. Vikings. This should be an interesting one. If only we were at Lambeau…

Have you ever extended your birthday throughout the weekend?

What kind of events did you plan?



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  1. Happy Birthday to Rob!

    I thought of you today – I picked up a new to me wine at Trader Joe’s – its a Carmenere – which is a red wine from Chile. My husband loves bold reds, so I spun the wheel on this one – do you know anything about that varietal?

    OMG, I celebrate my whole birthday the month of March – any excuse to party!

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