Sophie & Shamrock Saturday!


Since I’ve canceled all of my subscription boxes, I’m going to turn Subscription Box Saturday into…

Sophie and Shamrock Saturday!

(If you missed my Subscription Box Saturday post on where you can get free samples with free shipping, click here.)

I’ve been inspired by Tonto Tuesdays. But I’ve decided that on Saturdays, I’m going to be the crazy dog lady, who loves her fur children beyond description and posts about her pooches. Weekends are statistically the least viewed blog days, so feel free to skip if you have absolutely no interest in our fluffy, furry friends. I won’t be offended. But studies show that images of frolicking pups can emit positive reactors in the brain. {Okay, so I may have made that up. But I can’t be too far off…}

Some Saturdays I may post just a photo, many photos or a little tidbit about our pupper dawgs. But here goes for this Saturday!


Sophie and Benny learned to depend on each other, but they never really played together. Instead, Sophie would play with toys by herself or with us. But ever since Shamrock came along, she’s got a real-life stuffed animal with which to play! They are best buds. Sophie still likes her alone time and will let Sham know if she’s not in the mood. But we feel guilty for not giving her a playmate the first eight years of her life.


Next week, we are doing another painting class! This one is through Art & Elixir and is titled, “Man’s Best Friend.” We get to paint our own dogs! We have decided to try to paint from these photos:


Actually, if all works out, Rob and I are taking an Unplug Day today. I’ve prewritten this post just for you and won’t see any of your comments until tomorrow.

Happy Unplug Day!



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