Gold Nugget Tavern and Grille


Our “Man’s Best Friend” Painting Class through Art and Elixir brought us to the Gold Nugget in Minnetonka. We went early so that we could have a bite to eat before class. You can order food during class. People often do. But I find that there is not much room for the food. It’s just not ideal for me to be eating and painting at the same time.

Something I thought would really please Rob is that this little neightborhood restaurant and bar, located in a strip mall, has a burger battle! There are 52 different burgers to try every year! Each week, a new burger goes up against the burger from the week before. The winner moves on to the following week. One burger could reign for several weeks, but there will still be a new burger up against it each week.

I love this concept!

Another thing I knew he’d love is the beer selection – about twenty or so brewery offerings with almost half from Minnesota. In fact, we got to try something new…

Bent Brewstillery's Dark Fatha - American Emperial Stout

Bent Brewstillery’s Dark Fatha – American Emperial Stout

This was our first beer from Bent Brewstillery, which is out of Roseville, Minnesota. The company gets it’s name

because most of the beers are not made strictly to style: they’re “bent” a little bit away from the norm. This sometimes comes from combining the best parts of two different styles.

This is probably why the Dark Fatha doesn’t show such great ratings on Beer Advocate. But we liked it and would order it again. It’s got a lot of the qualities of a nice Imperial Stout, but with an unexpected slight hoppiness.

There is a pretty sweet happy hour, too, at the Gold Nugget. But we opted for some signature items instead. I mean, how could you go to a place called the Gold Nugget and not order the Gold Nugget Tots!?

 Cheddar filled homemade tater tots served piping hot with a side of bacon-chive dipping sauce. 7.95

Gold Nugget Tots
Cheddar filled homemade tater tots served with a side of bacon-chive dipping sauce. $7.95

To be honest, we were a little disappointed. We like ourselves some good crispy tots and we were expecting those kind, but with a cheesy center. These were bigger, browner and softer. I liked them a little better than Rob just because I love potatoes in general. But one was enough for him.

Then we opted to split the Weekly Burger Special. We wanted to try the burger that was battling! They were kind enough to split it in back and bring it out on separate plates for us.

Quattro Formaggi Burger
Four cheeses – American, provolone, Swiss and feta cheese on a grilled burger patty topped with a lemon chive mayo, served on a brioche bun

The burger was cooked perfectly medium-rare to our liking and had an excellent flavor. I wouldn’t say it was Top 10 Burger worthy, but it was good enough that we’d get it again! Splitting the burger was the perfect amount of food that I was satisfied, but not stuffed. And Rob enjoyed the fries {we chose the truffle salt ones} a little more than I did, so I didn’t eat many.

If we lived in this neighborhood, I have a feeling that this is a bar where we’d be regulars. Rob would have to come back to try all of the new burgers and the ever-changing taps. We loved the ambiance as well. It’s no wonder it was hard trying to find a parking spot. It’s a popular place!

Have you ever been to a restaurant with a weekly battle with a reigning champion every week?


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  1. What a great concept! I’d go back once a week just to try a new burger! Love that they made it medium rare – that’s how I love my burgers and I hate when its just barely pink in the middle.

    But right now I want tots!

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