So Good, So Easy…


Because we got back from vacation Monday night, I didn’t have any meals planned this week. Luckily, I came across this post for Quick & Healthy Weeknight Dinners because I was famished when I got home from work yesterday. Since I was cooking for just me, I gave it a go…

Anne’s formula is simple. Here are the ingredients I chose to use for one serving:

  1. Base – handful of spinach wilted in the microwave
  2. Grain/Starch – 1/3 cup leftover angel hair pasta
  3. Protein – 1/3 can navy beans, drained
  4. Veggies – 1/3 can Italian diced tomatoes, drained and 1/3 onion sauteed with 1/3 package sliced baby portobello mushrooms
  5. Fat – I didn’t add any cheese or avocado because I figured that I sauteed my veggies in a bit of olive oil already and my sauce was made of mayo.
  6. Sauce – I made a Creamy Italian Dressing from Homemade Mayo

After wilting the spinach, I heated the pasta, navy beans and tomatoes and topped with the sauteed onion and mushrooms. Then I drizzled the Creamy Italian Dressing on top and seasoned the entire dish with salt and pepper.

This dish was so good! I didn’t think of taking a picture because it really wasn’t that pretty all mixed up. But I loved the combo so much that I mixed the other two thirds of the other ingredients in two separate bowls for leftovers.

So good, so easy! I’ll definitely be using this recipe template in the future. Special thanks to Anne at Fannetastic Food.

Do you have any go-to formulas when you need to throw something to eat together quickly?



I wasn’t sure if my combo would turnout


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  1. Sounds Yummy. My go to quick meal just for me, is a sweet potato in the micro to soften, cut it up and throw it in a pan with a little olive oil, add some black beans, spinach and season with cumin, tumeric, pepper and a little chili powder for a kick.

    • Thanks for the tip. I’ve never been a fan of sweet potatoes and there are so many recipes out there with them! Your suggestion, though has me wanting to give them a shot again. I love black beans and those flavors with them and I think they might just help me get over my sweet potato hump. Thank you!

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