San Sebastian Winery


After our adventures at Mile Marker Brewery in St. Augustine, we made our way San Sebastian Winery to stop for a quick tasting before venturing down to the Historic Old Town of our nation’s oldest city!

photo 3

Visiting a winery while in Florida wasn’t something I expected to do. But when we were looking up things to do on that cloudy, rainy day in St. Augustine, I thought, “Why not?” It was a stop on the Trolley Tour {which we decided to forego due to timing and cost}.photo 1(2)

I didn’t really know what to expect in terms of varietals. Florida isn’t exactly a notable wine-making region. However, there are wineries in all 50 of our United States. We found that many of the wines here are made from Muscadine grapes.

This tasting was very different from any I have ever experienced! The first floor of this old railway building is strictly retail for the winery. Climb the stairs one flight where you will be guided to a room for your first taste. You are given a small plastic tasting cup with your first wine. {The tasting cup is like one that you’d use when tasting a featured wine at a liquor store or wine shop.} You take this cup with you and move room to room to get a taste of the next wine!

Of course, the list of wines we tried wasn’t spectacular, in my opinion, but I loved the setup and layout. My favorite of the regular wines was the Castillo Red, which was probably the driest of the bunch, if I remember correctly. But the fave of the group was the Rosa. We got a couple of bottles of that to take back to the hot tub later that evening.

But my ultimate favorite was the Port {Bin 12 below} which comes in the coolest bottle ever, but I wasn’t sure I could pack it that well in my luggage. The wine totes I use aren’t exactly made for that bottle. What amazed me, though, were the prices of these wines! Some went for as low as $7.99! Usually small wineries like this charge much, much more for their wines.

And did I mention that this tasting was complimentary, did not require a reservation and included a {smallish} taste of at least eight wines on this list? Crazy, if you ask me!

photo 5

The lines at the register were long because people were stocking up and getting crazy discounts for ordering multiple cases. Who knows where this barrel was going:

photo 2

I even met a few women who were using BOGO coupons – buy one case, get one free. Seriously?! How do they make any money?

My guess? There is a wine bar and jazz club upstairs, known as The Cellar Upstairs. We went up to check it out. It was midday and the place was hoppin’ with music and people. They even have beer on tap for you non-wineaux! What a cool place to hang out. And in the summer (or if there was nicer weather), I’m sure it’s even busier outside on the rooftop patio. You can sit overlooking the Old Town!

What’s the most unique winery or wine experience you’ve ever had?


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