Dear Summer Self…


This post was completely stolen from inspired by Racheal. It couldn’t have come at a better time with the blizzard and eight+ inches of snow last night. While we are amidst winter, it’s time to remind our summer selves, just how much we need to appreciate it!


Dear Summer Carrie,

Remember this past winter when temps dropped not only below zero, but up to forty below with the wind whipping every where? It was so cold, it hurt to breathe. Remember the multiple snowstorms that shut down schools so many times that your parent friends were ready to scream?

What we woke up to this morning....

What we woke up to this morning….

Remember the winter before when you participated in the April Challenge Obesity 5k with snow and ice lining the ground and wind whipping everywhere? Or when it snowed in MAY?!

Here’s my advice for you, Summer Carrie:


Get outside now. Stay outside for as long as you can. The only thing that should bring you in are hoards of mosquitoes.

Take the dogs for walks. Lots of them. They don’t have to be long ones. Even 10 minutes. They LOVE THIS. Remember, they have been cooped up all winter, too. They want to get out! To explore!

Run some races because you should be healthy by now, so you CAN!

Even when it’s raining, get outside. You won’t melt. Wear the appropriate gear and use an umbrella. Remember how much Mom loved walking in the rain in Paris? You can do that at home, too.

Run in the rain – It’s your favorite!

Go to the Farmers Market.  Walk there. Run there. Don’t drive. Stop for a coffee on your way.

Eat fresh produce like you won’t have it for a long. Because you really won’t have this fresh, local goodness come winter again!

Always get more tomatoes than you think you need. And then don’t let one single tomato go bad.  {Racheal, I’ll eat yours! 😉 }

Use the grill.  Grow some fresh herbs again.

Go swimming!

Go to an outdoor play or concert.

Go to restaurants with patios and eat outside whenever you have the opportunity.

Walk around the lakes. Run around the lakes. Go on walking dates with your girlfriends.

Go on walking dates with Rob. It’s been one of your favorite things to do together like here, here, here and here.

And take Racheal’s advice, too:

Work outside.  Blog outside.  Drink your coffee outside.  Just stay outside.  

Most importantly, when you walk outside and feel the heat from the sun kiss your face and squint your eyes, don’t you dare for one second take it for granted, because in 6 months you will be longing for that feeling. 

I agree whole-heartedly.

With love,

Winter Carrie

What do you love about summer?

What would you say to your summer self?

Cheers to Summer~
Winter Carrie


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  1. Love it! Outdoor play is such a great idea! I bought some fresh herbs the other day, but keep forgetting to buy a permanent pot for them, so they require constant watering. Ha! Happy Friday!

  2. Cute post! I can’t imagine living where it snows so much that you cant even go outside. Living in SoCal we are really spoiled. We have like 2 seasons: Summer and Spring. We complain when we get a 1/2 inch of rain in one day and on the news it is called “Storm Watch 2104”, it is pretty hilarious how we get with a little rain.

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