Snowball Sham


Sophie / Shamrock Saturday

While the first official day of spring may have come and gone, we all know that here in Minnesota that we have about another two to four weeks of it.

Or, like last year… We had snow in May.

Or like two years ago… It was 75 degrees on St. Paddy’s Day.

So we really never know.

We’ve had some 40-degree weather. Yay! However, it did snow this week. And we are “looking forward” to 20-degree weather this weekend. Trust me, I’m not complaining. It’s not 20 or 30 below!

photo 1(9)

The snow we had this week was the packing kind. So wet. When I got home from work on Wednesday, I followed my usual routine of letting the pooches out, feeding them and then letting them out again.

When they came back in, it was time to play. I had Shamrock doing his usual Prairie Dog stunt…

photo 2(6)

But something was looking a little strange…

photo 3(5)

Shamrock had been running through the snow. He loves the snow!

This time, I had him stand up in Totem Pose to get a closer look…

photo 4(4)

Look at all of those snowballs!

I don’t think the snow ever packed to his fur this much. Or at least I hadn’t noticed it before. I had him lift his paws again back in Prairie Dog pose.

Look at that underbelly!

photo 5(4)

I tried to pull them out, but they just wouldn’t budge. He was just going to have to wait until they melted. It was time to run around the house! And so we did… Playtime had another purpose.

Happy “Spring!”



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