Monthly Archives: August 2014

Stupid Pumpkin Bandwagon…


Every year, I get slightly annoyed by how early all of the pumpkin posts come out… Everyone has their twist on dishes and drinks – both savory and sweet – on how to use the versatile squash.

And while it’s still hot and we can still swim and sweat, it seems so strange to even begin *thinking* about pumpkin.

Until, this…


Southern Tier Pumking has arrived!

Because I know Pumking can sell out in a hurry, I’m getting it while I can!

I’m still somewhat irked by the influx of all things pumpkin into my inbox. Yet, I am secretly intrigued by the recipes. Such that, last year, I made a Pinterest board called, “Stupid Pumpkin Bandwagon” because, yes, I have jumped on board.

Now… to find out who will have Pumking on tap first in the Twin Cities. Both Groveland Tap and Devil’s Advocate have it in stock. (I called around!) They just aren’t quite ready to tap it yet…

How do you feel about pumpkin flavored dishes?

Have you had Pumking yet this year?