Wine, Whiskey and Sommeliers


Okay, so I didn’t get my sh!t together to write the post I wanted about my second Terzo Vino Bar experience. I’ll have to save that for next week.

But I did read this article about Whiskey for Wine Lovers.

Are you back? Did you read how Spirit Sommelier Heather Greene recommends one should taste whiskey? If not, I’ll wait while you read.

Then, get a laugh how we tasted Whiskey in Ireland. Look for the pony…


Speaking of sommeliers, the sommelier of the beer world is called a cicerone.

Also, have you seen the movie Somm? I watched it on my flight back from Australia. It’s a documentary of four men {good-looking men, I might add!} attempting to pass the Master Sommelier exam, which has a pass rate of about 10%. Imagine studying something with such passion for so long, knowing your chances of success are slim to none. I was blown away by the work involved and knowledge of these guys.

So what bottle do you have your eye on this this Wine Wednesday?



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