Thirsty Thursday in Melbourne


It wasn’t a Thirsty Thursday, or even a Thursday at all, when we spent a night out with our Aussie friends, Barb & Tony, in Melbourne, Australia. But today is Thursday and it might even be a Thirsty one. So I’d love to share it with you.

Tony, knowing that I love wine, researched a few places before we all met up in Melbourne. He said he found a wine and cheese bar called Milk the Cow right in the St. Kilda area where we were staying. How sweet is that?! It was a beautiful early spring evening in September  and perfect for a ten-minute walk.

The sun was still out when we arrived. And an available table gave us the opportunity to take a nice little seat outdoors. I started with a glass of bubbly:


Apparently, my bubbly wanted to be the star of the show and blocked Tony’s face out of the photo!

Rob opted for a little Scrumpy – a favorite style of cider.

{Don’t worry, that Aussie Cider post is still to come!}

 And then the cheese… Oh the cheese!!!!!


We opted for a spread to share, with as many local, Australian cheeses as possible. And do you think I can remember now what they all were? It doesn’t matter, though. I loved them all! {The fact that I grew up in Wisconsin and am also a Francophile probably has something to do with that.}

After we milked the cow, we decided to hop around a little and stop for a bite to eat elsewhere if we found ourselves still hungry. We found an Irish Pub to continue the tradition that my friend Jen and I started back in 2000. You can never go wrong in an Irish Pub no matter where you are in the world! But we had to prove to Jen that we were there. Do you see the Irish flags and Magners Cider banners hanging from the ceiling?


And if you think we are pulling one over on you, the pub was called The Wee Chief on Fitzroy Street. We didn’t stay for long. It was so loud in there and we had only so much precious time together. So we wandered back toward our hotel, stopping to look in all the bakeshop windows along the way. St. Kilda is known for them!

At the suggestion of Rob, we finally stopped back at Abbey Road, which is where Rob and I had lunch on our first day in Melbourne. As much as I loved my lunch there, I was kind of reluctant because I wanted to try something new. But I didn’t want to be a drag and didn’t have any better ideas, so in we went.

And I’m so glad we did!

It was the perfect place to grab a table, have a drink and eat a little late night nosh. 


Rob found another cider! Or was that mine?

What was perfect about that night at Abbey Road is that there was entertainment. It was either 50s or sockhop night or something. All of the staff was dressed up for the occasion. The ladies wore poodle skirts; while the men rolled up the short sleeves of their white t-shirts to tuck a pack of smokes inside. And the music! It was timeless. The musicians captivated the crowd playing past 50s hits such as Rock Around the Clock. They delighted us with songs that we all knew and loved and that made us smile, sing along and dance a little in our seats.


And enjoy we did. We might have even stopped for some late night dessert from one of the bakeshops on the way home. 😉

Although we stopped at some great places in St. Kilda that night; it’s definitely true that it’s not where you are that truly matters, but the company you keep.

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