6 Unique Gifts They’ll Actually Use


I’m not a Black Friday shopper.

But I do like to buy gifts. Sometimes I stress myself out because one of my favorite things to do is to find the perfect gift.

While I don’t always come up with the perfect ones, I definitely try to come up with some ideas that are either unique or something my gift recipient will actually use!

In past years, I’ve posted:

Top 5 Gifts for the Hard to Buy for Person Who Has Everything

His & Hers Gift Guide – What They’ll Actually Use

I still stand by those lists.

But I came up with a few more ideas that I’d like to share with you this year, as well as how to make them unique!



This may sound silly or unoriginal, but my in-laws requested their favorite Virginia variety from Costco this year.


If you’ve never had blister roasted peanuts, then you are missing out!

Make It Unique: Choose a variety or flavor you love, not just something generic: Blistered Virgina Peanuts or Marcona Almonds {one of my faves, find them at Costco or Trader Joe’s}, Blueberry Almonds or Bloody Mary Peanuts. Or, make your own! Of course, when giving nuts, consider allergies.


Sports Fan Gear

This is my first year as a Packer Season Ticket Holder. It was 90 degrees at our first game in August (a preseason one). I realized I had no gear for this! Our last game was just above zero. I didn’t really have much to keep me warm and show I was a Packer fan. I did happen to have a gold scarf, a cute {but not warm} hat and borrowed some gloves from my mom. Rob on the other hand had nothing to signify his loyalty!


Make It Unique: Buy something that they can wear to the game! Or make it classy. I love scarves, so I wish these NFL infinity ones weren’t sold out! And I just saw these in a magazine:




I’ve mentioned how true Champagne is always a great gift because it is festive and most people wouldn’t normally spend that kind of money on a bottle on a regular basis.

Make It Unique: Try a lesser known region. And if your budget is limited, get something unique like a special prosecco or a bubbly from New Mexico {one of my faves!} Then, add a list of festive cocktails to make with it!



Rob saw this book and just had to have it! Why? Well, if you haven’t read Missing Missy yet, where have you been? You will just die of laughter. Books can be personal or already read, so a gift receipt might be a good idea. Or…

Make It Unique: Give a humorous book to keep ’em laughing. Try to relate it to your gift recipient’s hobby or something they did this year. I’d recommend anything by Bill Bryson for the traveler. I’m currently reading this:



Shark Tank

Okay, so not an actual tank with sharks in it. Who would want that? But have you watched the show Shark Tank? Every time we watch it, I think of someone who would love the product they are pitching!

Make It Unique: You can find the entire list of products pitched on Shark Tank here at AsSeenOnSharkTank.net. I’ve always thought these Coffee Joulies {which keep your coffee hot} are pretty cool. Plated was also featured on Shark Tank, although I don’t know how you’d gift that. And I’ve been eyeing DDP Yoga for ages now. It’s through this program that this disabled veteran, who was told he’d never walk unassisted again, became strong and can even run.


Subscription Boxes

I’m still huge on giving these, though they can be expensive depending on how many months you decide to give. All you have to do is a simple Google search of your gift recipient’s favorite hobby.

Make it Unique: Type into Google the hobby + subscription box. For example “fishing + subscription box” just might yield TackleGrab“Get a box of baits delivered to your door every month.”

One of our favorites is BarkBox because it means we never have to buy treats. And Shamrock loves every time he gets a new toy.


My Subscription Addiction has a great list of nearly all of the subscription boxes out there, along with reviews and coupon codes!


Looking for more ideas? Try these links:

Share the love! Help give ideas!

What’s a Unique Gift You’ve Received and Loved?

What’s a Unique Gift You’ve Given?



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  1. Thank you for mentioning my post. I was going to say my nuts…lol! 😉 I do love your ideas and Shamrock is absolutely adorable! Hope you are well 🙂

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