Flat White – Now at Starbucks


You know how I raved about the Flat White after my travels to Australia? Oh how we miss them.

Upon return, we found that there is a café in Minneapolis called Royal Grounds that makes them! We haven’t made the trek yet, though.

Until yesterday, when I learned that Starbucks is about to add Flat Whites to their menu:

What Exactly is a Flat White? Get the Lowdown on Starbucks’ newest menu item.

Then this, morning, Thrillist posts that it is happening TODAY.

Here’s the New Permanent Addition to Starbucks’ Menu.

I’m curious! I wonder how authentic they are? Do you still ask if you want it with a certain number of sugars? 😉 This is really, pretty much the only time that I’m not drinking black coffee or an Americano, so they better get it right.

Here’s the thing, though. I don’t get to Starbucks very often.  There is one only about ten minutes from my home {which is the same one closest to my work}. I don’t go in that direction very often, though. And we have a Caribou Coffee and a couple local coffee shops much, much closer. So I might even make it to Royal Grounds before Starbucks.

Now, if they’ll only sell a Caramel Slice. 😉

So, tell me, have you had a Flat White?

If so, how do you take yours?

Have you had the Flat White at Starbucks yet?



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  1. My boss stops at Stabucks every morning on the way to work – triple shot Venti latte! I think it’s close to $5 a day. She was just telling me about that new drink – never had one before!

  2. I stopped at Starbucks with a coworker at lunch today and tried one! Was very convenient as I got a $20 Starbucks gift card from someone for Christmas. (I honestly don’t know who ~ they dropped it off at my work, but no one took the name!) Anywho, I thought it was good… but a LOT of foam. I thought there was supposed to be less? I also needed to add 2 Splenda’s as I didn’t think it was sweet at all. Not really sure what you will think of it. I became a fan of Americano’s thanks to you, I think they may be better, but its been a while since I’ve had one. Curious to know what you think once your finally go!

    • It should be foamy! They are not sweet at all. In Australia, if people want them sweet, most people order them – “Flat White, 1 sugar” or “Flat White, 2 sugars.” I know there is another way to order them, too, if you want it stronger. But I can’t remember what that is. Also, they call an espresso a “Short Black” and an Americano a “Long Black.” 😉

      Another thing I just thought of… Their sizes are *much* smaller than hours. A Starbucks “tall” (aka small) is probably their biggest size.

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